Wike and the proscribing of all youth bodies in Rivers State

The time a man wake up from coma does not really matter.; Most important is that, the man is alive again.

Governor Nyesom Wike has proscribed all community based youth bodies in Rivers State with immediate effect. Statement from Rivers state Government indicated that Youth bodies currently operating in the state will be arrested by law enforcement officers if they disobeyed the State Government directive.

Governor Nyesom Wike told the world that the youth bodies operating in the communities of Rivers state are cultists engaged in criminality, lawlessness and rascality in the state.

The proscription of the youth bodies in the state didn’t actually go down well with some people in ONELGA. They were so embittered and they lashed out on Governor Wike, more esepecially for his derogatory remark against executives of youth bodies which the Governor tagged them ” cultists and criminals ”

People’s parliament salute Governor Nyesom Wike for his act of bravery and patriotism in saying the bitter truth. Governor Nyesom Wike and Felix Obuah are in the vintage position to give out accurate information about the youth bodies in Rivers state communities.

This is because Governor Wike and Felix Obuah are the inventors and grandmasters of cultism in the state.These two men in political power are the major key players in the cultism industry in Rivers state. Therefore, they know exactly the true colour of the youth bodies.

Over the years, Governor Nyesom Wike and Felix Obuah have supported cultists tactically and strategically. So his Excellency knows who the cultists are, and he knows where they can be found.

In the 2015 general election, Governor Nyesom Wike and Felix Obuah armed cultists with killer weapons to slaughter and behead Ogba people for political gain. So his Excellency knows who the cultists are, and he knows their specific location.

Governor Wike, Felix Obuah and cultists keep each other in business, and their relationship is a symbiotic one. At least, the photo attached to this reportage showing Governor Wike and Tom Ateke is a clear manifestation that the Governor of Rivers state and cultists are birds of the same feathers.

Tom Ateke, a notorious cultist and human slaughterer, now a king in his community, is the founder of the dreadful Iceland cult group in Rivers state. Members of Iceland cult group have massacred countless Rivers people, and they have wrecked so much untold havoc in the state..Iceland cult group are involved in criminality, lawlessness and rascality in Rivers state as Governor Wike has publicly declared.

Of course, Governor Nyesom Wike wasn’t far from the truth when he mentioned that Omoku youth body is heavily infested with cultists.

We remembered vividly how Barrister Osi olisa, then ONELGA caretaker committee chairman had ensured that persons vying for the various offices of Omoku youth Federation were openly subjected to screening and clearance by DSS.

Osi Olisa gave Omoku people a youth body devoid of cultist and criminal elements, but Felix Obuah, the grandmaster of cultism would not let Hopeson Ahiakwo duly elected Omoku youth body be.

The Rivers state PDP chairman brought in his loyalists whom DSS have sanctioned because they were cultists, to established partnership with Hopeson Ahiakwo in what was referred to, as unity government.

Governor Wike, the grandmaster of cultism in Rivers state says, that executive members of Omoku Youth Federation are all cultists who are involved in criminality, lawlessness and rascality.

It wasn’t people’s parliament who revealed the hidden secret. It was your partner in crime who did. So don’t blame people’s parliament oooh.

The time is ripe to deal with cultists with long spoon because general elections are over. And during election year, politicians would pick up their cultists collaborators and instruct them to unleash terror and horror on defensless citizens.

But will the youths in cultism run ever learn any lesson?



Source: Ugorji Obieti
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