Why you should travel abroad

Things that will happen when you leave Nigeria for the developed world (Developed parts of Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, etc ) .

  1. Your prayer points will drop drastically, not because you can’t pray anymore but because some things…
    don’t need prayers to get done e.g a job, you need qualifications! You’ll be praying much less about things in general!
  2. Your hidden, untapped talents and potential will be unveiled.
  3. You will realize that 95% of your religious leaders and self acclaimed men of God are thieves and liars.
  4. You will also realize that 99% of your political office holders are hardened and dangerous criminals.
  5. You will realize that the problems of Nigeria are majorly RELIGION and POLITICS followed by lack of proper education and enlightenment!

6.6. You will discover the true meaning of living and quality of life!

  1. You will be exposed to simplicity and understand that having it all is not really ideal!
  2. You will be less greedy!
  3. You will start seeing things differently!
  4. You will be happier and more contented
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