Some folks have hypocritical or ignorantly questioned why we have vociferously reminded Chief letter writer Obasanjo of the state of Nigeria under his watch. To them we should keep quiet. Some even went on to say we are justisfying or rationalizing the ills of today. Utter balderdash. Nothing can be further from the truth.

We know the ills of today and we also vividly remember the woes of yesterday and we are engaged and supporting today, like we did yesterday, to ensure the ills of today are dealt with to prevent having to deal with them tomorrow which is what we have always done – kick the can down the road and quickly forget or pretend while expecting miracles to happen. What security, social or economic challenge do we have today that’s new, inspite of all our shenanigans?

Is it not we Igbos that say “he who does not know where the rain started beating him, won’t know where it stopped’. We look behind to walk ahead better.

We need to cure our selective amnesia and our chronic self induced short memory as well as our pretentious hypocrisy.

How do we gauge whether things are better or worse or whether we are making real progress if we abhor recalling and stating what was yesterday? That’s hypocrisy and naivety at best. Can we make or evaluate progress in a vacuum?

Someone will wake up and tell me Boko Haram is worse today because he conveniently lives in an instant bubble and has forgotten in 4 short years how bombs were going off indiscriminately all over the nation including Abuja, 14 local government areas were under BH control, our soldiers were defecting to Cameroon under Boko Haram’s ‘superior’ firepower, imagine that and people could hardly go to Church or Mosque and so on.

When I’m not naive?

Does that make anything wrong today acceptable or justify it? Hell NO.
Does it also give anyone the right to play the ostrich, thinking we are all stupid? NO.
Or for Obasanjo and his co-travellers to insult our collective sensibility. Of Course NO.

It helps to objectively ascertain where we are today and then assess what we have done right or wrong and what needs to be done, how and where. That’s what serious and sincere people do even in their private lives.

But elements like Obasanjo want to muddle the issues, create the impression that nothing is being done, that nothing has been achieved by Buhari just to further their selfish ego war with Buhari and some of us not only buy and parrot it but expect us all to. How ridiculous?

Some people talk about all time lows and all time highs and how things are hard as if the world is coming to an end and only in Nigeria. Like we’ve been in heaven all these decades.
How won’t there be lows before highs especially when you are reworking a totally failed and unproductive system?

In our insincerity or ignorance, we quote figures and statistics of highs and lows like Peter Obi but forget that we have run a mono economy dependent on Oil alone for ever, lived only on importation, allowed our Factories to close while we Imported everything, even tooth picks with Corruption as our working capital, neglecting Agriculture with our Infrastructure from roads, rails, bridges, hospitals etc abandoned and the money siphoned into a few pockets while Security challenges including the Herder/Farmer crises were swept under the carpet and allowed to fester?

Now Buhari is cleaning all that up, righting the wrongs and absurd and returning us to where we truly belong and we are tripping, abusing and hating on him while quoting high flying China-made statistics.

Why do we love playing the ostrich? Why won’t the system be constipated and funny statistics and indices thrown up until the system is corrected, rebased and stabilized?

Who undergoes a major surgery and doesn’t expect hiccups in his system depending on how long and how serious the condition was and how complex the surgery?

I’m getting tired of all these shenanigans and I might as well throw in the towel.

Meanwhile I’m not writing this to convince anyone. It doesn’t matter any more. I only write to maintain my own sanity in the midst of widespread insanity because everyday I check my sanity level to ensure I’m not the stupid one.

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