Who says Buhari’s federal government disobeyed court orders? Can anyone prove it?

The federal government is only being most democratic by obeying court orders, Buhari has never disobeyed any court orders, and I will prove it.


According to the Supreme Court of Nigeria in a matter involving Asari Dokubo and the FG under Obasanjo’s watch, when Asari asked the courts to grant him bail on the ground that his fundamental human rights were violated by Obasanjo’s federal government, and the Supreme Court ruled, thus:


“Human rights and every other thing are suspended when national security is under threats.”


• Supreme Court of Nigeria
Now, you will have to ask yourself these:

On what ground was El-Zakzaky arrested, was it on a security ground?

• On what ground was he granted bail, was it on human rights infringement?


Let’s take it again! El-Zakzaky was arrested on national security issues, and the courts ordered that he’d be released on the ground that his fundamental human rights were violated by the FG, but the federal government had to ignore that, because the highest court in the land had pronounced the lower court’s verdict “NULL AND VOID” on the Asari Dokubo – FG matter under Obasanjo’s watch.

So, Buhari, in fact, is the greatest, so far, in obedience of court orders, you cannot ask him to disobey a Supreme Court ruling to obey a lower court’s ruling. That’s no democracy, but absolute tyranny.

Same conditions apply to Dasuki and applied to Nnamdi Kanu , but Nnamdi Kanu was lucky enough that Osinbajo approved his release.

Only bias and, or ignorance can permit you to believe Buhari’s federal government disobeyed court orders on the Nnamdi Kanu-, Dasuki- and El-Zakzaky- FG matter.

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