The Truth: Past And Present

What was true in the past is true today and will be true tomorrow. Truth is that which never changes. Truth is constant. The truth of God is timeless and yet timely.

It is a truth that can be embraced by everyone irrespective of age, gender, race or religion. This is the truth embedded as the atomic values of the divergent religions and cultures of the world – that we should sow the seeds of the fruits we want to reap.

The primitive Indians, Africans and aborigines knew this truth. This truth is innate in man. It is the fabric upon which societies, communities and nations are built -That the fruit is in the seed- This truth applied in agriculture and in every area of life works accordingly.

If you want peace give peace, if you want love give love and if you want bliss give bliss.

We call this truth Godism. Godism is people friendly and totally tolerant of the divergent religions in the world and abhors dogmatism, tribalism, sadism, sexism and nepotism.

This truth, by the way, when embraced, actually delivers spiritual and material benefits because this truth sets you free from superstition, negative thinking and primordial sentiments. This is the truth that makes you and God to become one.

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