The story of a broke young man who fell in love with a female student

I met this girl who studies at a College of Education, oh my goodness, she is so so cute. So tall, brown skin, Coca-Cola shape, straight legs, well structured facial appearance.

Her voice sounds like a studio edited tune, her smile, ooh my manhood please be still…….

Infact every thing about her body was just too perfect and ends up driving me nuts… I kept on blushing each time I set my eyes on her. However, I was not bold enough to even approach her because I felt she would definitely turn me down even without looking at me twice.

This has continued till I decided to step up the game. I met her one-day along a narrow road while returning from a friends place, which I did approached her. She stop and I was literally shaking.

Me: hello dearie
She: hi… How are you?

Oops! Inside of me, I had already melted…
Me: I’m super good and you?
She: Same here…

I told her however I have been stalking her and would really love to be around her… She smiled and laughed out loud. Again, I was still shaking but still summoned courage to man up.

After much conversations, she gave me her contact and I promised to text and call her.

We began exchanging calls but I did more of the calling. And finally, I asked her out.

Her response wasn’t encouraging but kept on disturbing her. She said I should give her lots of time, and as a guy man… I thought the thing is about to click.

One day, she sent me a text asking for a financial assistance of 10k, oooh my goodness… Just look at me and 10k?
Were and how do I get the money from?

In other not to repeat the mistake I made in my early life, I told her categorically I do not have money at the moment.

Then after few days, she sent me a text again, saying she can’t date someone who can’t afford to take care of her financial needs.

Oooh! I was drained of all the energy in me, but I accepted my fate and moved on but still trying to convince her which she has totally turned down.

One faithful day, I was at the college and then entered Keke to return home and was sitting at the back sit. She and her friend stopped the Keke man and pleaded for the both of them to lap each other and then pay 50 naira.

Ordinarily, Keke per person is 50 naira which the both of them could not afford to pay for two seats. The Keke man however told them it will be difficult, which they kept on preaching and begging the Keke man, as they said they don’t have money.

They turned to another friend, and asked for help of 50 naira, but the friend refused as she said she don’t have.
All this was ongoing while I was sitting quietly at the back seat. I told the Keke man to allow them both as I will pay for them and one other of her friend.

She entered to thank the good Samaritan that has agreed to pay for even the three of them, lo and behold…. It’s me (the broke lover boy)

To cut the long story short, she felt disappointed but still went ahead to say thank you, same as her friends too. Again suddenly, something strange occured, her friend pointed to her ….

Babe… See your father ooooh! Because I was in that Keke she ignored her friend and that caused a bit of issue there….

Her father is also a Keke driver…..

Since that day, I was happy she didn’t accept to date me because I would have taken the responsibility of her Father….lol

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