In our quest to determine the truth about why residents of Nkpolu-Rumuigbo continue to suffer the inconveniences of flooding and broken road conditions around Nkpolu junction over the last one year, CitizensQuest investigation reveals the following:


1. There is a subsisting contract with the Ministry of Niger Delta as the Client and SETRACO as the Contractor which means there is a bit of restriction to any other agencies that may wish to intervene.

2. As at the time the road was delivered to MNDA by SETRACO, about five (5) years ago, there was no defect on it.

3. The root cause of the flooding and broken road conditions on that road presently can be attributed to the indiscriminate construction of a particular building which is currently blocking the drainage canal meant to channel rainwater into the Ntawogba Creek.

4. SETRACO confirmed to #CQ that they are willing to carry out remedial works on the broken section of the road in the next few weeks, however it will only be temporary and cannot be sustained except the root cause is totally eliminated.

5. The onus of which agency of government should fix the road therefore falls on the State government and Obio/Akpor local government authority to revoke the building approval given to the developer of this indiscriminate building and remove the building from this drainage passage by whatever means it seems fit.

In conclusion, there’s hope that in the coming weeks, temporary remedial works will be done by SETRACO.


Source: Citizens Quest
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