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I try to and I do see the point some of us are trying to make over this issue of the federal government establishing a stand alone Fulfulde Radio station that is targeted at the nomadic Fulani population but I don’t want to encourage that line of reasoning. Because that would just be deepening a stereotype and playing into a narrative of fear that won’t take us anywhere positive.

Many of us behave as if Fulanis are not bonafide citizens of this nation who equally deserve to be treated right and integrated.

We fight for our various tribes vehemently and vociferously on Radio, TV, Online, in English and even in our various languages and forget that some other tribes equally need protection, consideration, understanding and integration. And that’s part of the problem.

It’s not only the Fulani tribe that is caught in this web. This insensitive and selfish attitude makes these tribes go into their respective shells and device means of protecting and preserving themselves. Self preservation is only human nature. The result however is usually unpalatable and we then have to deal with those results as a nation.

However, the more we try to integrate and show true nationhood and compatriotship with these tribes, the more they see themselves as truly part of the nation and the more we are better able to control them, their actions and reactions. The efficacy of the Radio as a powerful tool for communication and positive change has never been in doubt, yet it’s so cheap. Why must we dwell only on the negatives?

Someone will say why Fulanis? Well they are a case in hand. Some have even asked why am I making a case for the Fulanis as an Igbo man? Well, if your tribe falls into this category, by all means state your case so I can equally make a case for you.

This argument over a Fulfulde Radio station is therefore a no brainer with all due respects.

Thank God a Radio station is not a N100B bridge, a N10B road or the position of Senate Presidency or Speaker HOR (that some of us claim as if it’s our birth right and no other tribes exist in Nigeria). Think about it.

Yes! Because that’s the price the nation has to pay in trying to integrate and make some other tribes have a greater sense of belonging.

I’m sure some people will get my drift.

Some people might still not get my point though because their minds are already configured to reason in one direction.

It’s easy for me to take their position and mindset and even push their narrative better than they but the difficult task is taking the non easy route of objectivity.

But I will keep trying.

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