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One question many people have asked is how many oil wells does the people of Omoku have owing to the fact that no oil well is designated as Omoku 1 or Omoku 2 etc.

The Nigeria Agip Oil Company (NAOC) operates two oil blocks in ONELGA namely; OML 61 and OML 63. Note that OML 63 covers Egbema and other areasw while OML 61 covers areas of Omoku and Usomini clan.

It will also interest you to know that in the oil and gas industry, calculation for production economics is sort according to a. Wells, b. Field and c. Blocks.

So when you hear of oil block, it means an OIL MINING LINCENCE. A cluster of oil wells within a particular area is called an oil field, while an oil well is a terminal in which the crude oil or gas is let out of the ground.

Wells and field are mainly named after the communities and clans in which they mainly occupy or are found but the surprise and question is;

Why are the oil wells and fields belonging to communities of Omoku not named after them?

Was it as a result of the time of exploration, unexposure of our people, or our people not been educated enough?

Well the answer is capital NO

There are popularly three oil field in OML 61 operated by AGIP which the people of Omoku falls into and they are the Egbogoro field, the Obiafu field and the Obrikom field.

As at time of exploration and opening of the Egbogoro field, the first oil well was found in Obohia community EB1, if this field started here which is miles away from Egbogoro community, why name the well after Egbogoro and not Obohia which owns the well and worst still, name it omoku.

It will surprise you to know that more than One Third of the oil wells in Egbogoro field belongs to the communities of omoku.

Secondly, on exploring and opening of Obiafu field, the first oil well OB1 was also found in one of the villages of Obakata community belonging to the people of the late Chinedu Osima and more than one third of all the oil wells in Obiafu field belongs to the communities of omoku. Why were these oil wells not named after their host communities or worse of it all Omoku being our general clan.

No, they refused rather they named our wells after small villages that can not be equaled or compared to a street in Obohia, nor a street in Obakata. A big shame indeed. this is the same situation in Obrikom field, this development have kept many is deep thought of what actually transpired and we ask was it that our people were not awares or educated to the point of putting things right? this oil wells came on board from the late 60’s and this is close to a century civilization entered Omoku and more than 50years Western Education had come to omoku people.

The most shocking aspect in all of this is that it was Omoku people that supervised the acquisition of lands for the opening of this oil wells. The Omoku people were moving hand to hand with Agip white men who did the exploration of oil.

Now we ask where did it go wrong?

I discovered one thing in my research. A tactic plot by this cabal to put the people of Omoku in darkness of their oil and gas facilities just not to allow any community name spring up, instead let’s sell it to outsiders, give it a name of another community just for wickedness against the communities and the people.

Today, all royalties that is suppose to come to communities of Omoku and her people are now thrown to other areas. Today, Egbogoro, Obiafu and Obrikom are seen as owners of the fields and wells and appoints in NNPC and other areas are now thrown to others areas.

Regrettably, Omoku is been looked at as a Second Hand Fellow in the three oil field in OML 61, but if Omoku entirely has the reputation in OML 61, what about her communities. This is how our problem started in the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. We feed the nation and are not known and without fear or favour I say it to the world that Omoku owns more that 60% of the oil block OML 61. Omoku is a major contributor in OML 63 but the sadly, our majority of our people are ignorant of this very fact.

The question is;

What have this evil people gained now. You don’t want to drive car and see your brothers drive car. You want to wear good clothes and let others wear rags and do you also know that when people started flowing to the villages of Omoku, people across the Orashi which is a ferry which carried people across was removed under the guise of building a bridge for close to twenty years today.

Another big question is; Agip were is the bridge?

They knew that the people were becoming increasingly aware of the oil and gas assets so the best way to shortcut that was reducing accessibility to that area. (Greed)

But I thank God who has lead us in the struggle on continuous fight in the Autonomous Communities of Omoku. Today we are now computing the oil and gas facilities hosted by each community and at the end, the people will by Gods grace eat of their God given wealth.


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