The Engagement Ring “Painting Reality With Fiction”


Do you know that, some engagement ring is a subscription to several sex escapades with a woman?. If NO, please read carefully onwards!

Finally, Mike engaged his bae Chisom after several years of courtship. “Vic, that babe threatened to leave me if I no show commitment. That was why i engaged her with that Aboki ring”. This was exactly what Mike told me.

Chisom is a strong woman and she does not deserve such engagement lies from my neighbour Mike. I have tried in so many ways I could to warn her. But, you know that feelings you feel when you are in love (nothing matters to you anymore).

I confronted Mike about his decision of deceiving Chisom when he knows that he can never marry her. But he said, “guy, that babe too sweet for bed. Anytime I enjoy myself finish, I go discharge her”. Hmmm!
I felt disappointed by his words. So I decided to let the sleeping dog rest. This happened around January.

Yesterday, Mike gave me an invitation card for his traditional marriage. I opened it and behold, it was not Chisom (the girl he engaged). I was about to ask him but he gave me a crooked smile. So, I just swallowed my question.

Later that evening at around 6:22pm, Chisom called me to hurry to her house. She sounded very urgent so I left almost immediately.

When i got to her house, without even greeting me, she gave me an envelop and asked me to post what is written inside the envelop on every social handles when I get home. Then, she slammed the door on me. (You know how the black race behaves). I opened it while standing beside her door.

This was what she wrote “Mike have the guts to come to my house to give me an invitation card for his traditional marriage with another woman after taking 7yrs from me to satisfy his sexual urge. I have no other choice than to stab him to death with my kitchen knife. By the time you get home, I may have been long dead. Mike and I will judge our differences in hell. This is the price he pays for deceiving me with an engagement ring”.

Immediately, I called for help and we broke the door but only to find Mike and Chisom lying dead in their pool of blood.


NB: Uncle, i think it is that time you free that woman in your life now if you know that you have no plans with her.
Aunty, do not be deceived by a mere engagement ring. Be wise.

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