The deportation of Nasir Danu Buhari’s inner cycle member clearly shows Buhari is worst than corruption itself – Reno Omokri

The spokesperson of former President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has slammed President Muhammadu Buhari after the deportation of Nasir Danu at the Heathrow Airport, London indicates how Corrupt Buhari is.

Omokri who shared his thoughts in a Twitter post said;

The alleged arrest and deportation of General @MBuhari ’s known confidant, and staunch inner circle member, Nasir Danu, at @HeathrowAirport allegedly caught with a fake passport and huge sums of money, exposes the odious corruption around Buhari.


These acts of corruption, typified by Nasir Danu’s arrest, have followed General @MBuhari since 1984 when
@Atiku was almost removed by Buhari for exposing the 54 suitcases foreign currency corruption scandal that shook Buhari’s evil military regime.


With this latest corruption scandal surrounding General @MBuhari
’s bosom pal, Nasir Danu, do we still need proof of Buhari’s corruption? Birds of a feather flock together. Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. With friends like Nasir!


Just look at Nasir Danu. Look at how well fed, robust, rotund, round, bulky, plush, fleshy, solid, portly, chunky, beefy, plump and rejuvenated he looks. Is this evidence of good living, or good corruption? Unless he is investigated, we won’t know.


General @MBuhari’s silence on the Nasir Danu scandal speaks volumes. Imagine if this was an @OfficialPDPNig. The @OfficialEFCC would have acted and the
@NGRPresident would have gone to town. But as it’s Buhari’s confidant, they want to cover it up!


In fact, Nasir Danu should have learnt from his friend, General @MBuhari
. If he had sworn an AFFIDAVIT about the genuineness of the alleged FAKE PASSPORT and millions of cash, I don’t think he would have had issue. He‘d have been EMINENTLY QUALIFIED!


Is it true, as reported and alleged, that Nasir Danu is a front used to collect and launder bribes for General @MBuhari
’s inner circle? Would this scandal be covered up like the NNPC $25 billion contract scandal? Is the @officialEFCC


General @MBuhari
must speak up on the speculation in the media that the massive amount of cash seized from Nasir Danu was meant to be delivered to, @AishaMBuhari
, who is currently in the UK and has been there for 2 months. His silence is not Golden.




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