THE DEED: Episode 4 (Story Of A Heart Broking Woman)

Saturday morning, as early as 6:30 am, they were in front of a house she wasn’t familiar with. They banged on the gate rousing everyone and creating a scene. The family was initially afraid that robbers were in the compound but when they noticed people had gathered at their gate, they came out to find out what the problem was.

“Is that how you have brought up your son? Irresponsible son from an irresponsible family. You got your son married at old age to a young girl still he would not leave women alone. A woman who refused his advances, he made a friend, then got her drunk and raped her.”

“What nonsense is this? Is that why you came to our house this early in the morning? If your daughter is so shameless to go out with a married man whatever she sees let her carry.” Dayo mother shouted back at her.
“I was told that this would be your reaction. Your son is completely shameless and you encourage him. No wahala. He has gotten my daughter pregnant. I have taken the case to the Ministry of Women affairs because in my family we don’t abort. So I have brought his second wife to you. Labake kneel down and greet your inlaws. If he says he is not responsible and DNA proves he is, I will sue him. This is just the beginning.”

“Who do you think you are? You come to my house early in the morning to threaten us. If your daughter allowed herself to be used by my son, how are we to be blamed?”

“Did I say you are to blame? I said your son is just like you. I have brought his wife. I thought by now he would be here to prove me wrong but he has refused to show. A responsible family would invite us in and hear what we have to say but an irresponsible family like yours won’t do that. You prefer shame to dignity. We are waiting.”

It wasn’t panning out as Labake anticipated. She was scared now. What if Dayo comes, threatens and behaves like his mother? What if he dares her mother? Her mother seemed to be in control but she was still scared. As her mind wondered, Dayo landed. He joined his mother looking angry. She hid further. Her mother made her cover herself like a Muslim so people can’t take pictures of her.

“Who are the mad people accusing me? Who are the crazy people disturbing my family?”
“What did I say? Like mother like son! I am the one. Do you know my daughter?” Labake’s mother asked moving away so she could be seen. Dayo was dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe it was Labake. Her mother continued, “Oh, you know her. Those few minutes you had sex with her without her consent has brought forth result. You did it to her without protection and the evidence will finally come forth in seven months’ time. Like I told your parents, we do not abort where we come from; ewo ni, abomination! You will marry her as second wife. Your wives will deliver in the same year and you will be responsible for them.”

“Can we go inside and discuss this is issue?” Dayo asked Iya Labake calmly. Labake was shocked at his calmness.
“You see Iya Dayo, he wants us to go inside and discuss. Shouldn’t you have invited us in to avoid this scene? By the way, the scene was deliberate to get him and some other people here. It worked. Omo mi Labake enter inside.”

When they had all settled down to discuss, there was a knock on the door.
“Ta ni yen this early morning? Come in.” Dayo’s mother bellowed at the person at the door.
Dayo almost peed in his pants when he saw who came in. It was his wife and her parents. What can be worse than this?
“Our iyawo, what are you doing here? Our in-laws, what brought you here?”
“We were invited to come and resolve an issue this morning. We had to ask our daughter to come back since it has something to do with her husband.” Dayo’s father-in-law replied her.

“Madam, aren’t you taking this too far? You have not complained to us but you have orchestrated the disgrace of our son. Why are you doing this.” Dayo’s mother asked Labake’s mother in a humble tone.

“Please take your seat Dayo’s in-laws. I waited for you to come before we began.” She allowed them to settle in seeing the confusion on their faces. Labake was now more worried at what her mother had planned to achieve here. She was ashamed of being portrayed as being pregnant by a married man. Her mother continued,

“I am a mother. When anyone hurts my young, I become a lioness. I can kill for my young. My daughter cried to me. She was in a relationship with a man. They were taking it easy. He never took her to his house but he treated her very well. He invited her to a bachelor’s eve. He forced her to take alcohol. She became tipsy and asked to go home. He said he couldn’t take her home or call a cab that late at night.

He took her to the room he had prebooked and allowed her sleep there. When she woke up, he was having sex with her. She tried to get him to stop but she couldn’t. Immediately he finished, she dressed up and left that night. Although they were in a relationship, she was not ready for sex. It was later she found out that the man whom she was dating was married with a child on the way.”

“Dayo, what is she talking about?” Dayo’s wife asked.
“We have evidence of the relationship. Pictures they took and CCTV footage of the lunches and dinners they had together. He never told her he was married. He is wearing a wedding ring now but when he was on dates with her, he never wore the ring. She told him all the issues she had in her previous relations and he still took advantage of her.”

“How are we sure she didn’t know? How are we sure he had sex with her?” Dayo’s mother asked.
“She is pregnant. He had unprotected sex with her even when he knew he had a pregnant wife. What was he expecting? She thought he had used protection and now she is saddled with the responsibility of a child she didn’t plan for. I have gotten all the information including what time she left the hotel and you will see she was in tears. If you doubt us; when it gets to court, you will watch it.”

“Dayo ti pa mi. Dayo, why?” His mother asked.
For the first time his father spoke, “Madam, the deed has been done. If you had brought this issue to us alone, we would have resolved it. What do you want now?”

“Dayo must marry my daughter. She did not plan to have the baby; he forced it on her so he has to take full responsibility for his action.”
“What!” Dayo’s wife exclaimed and walked out. Dayo went after her and so did her mother. Dayo was stopped from leaving the compound by some fierce looking men in black. He had no choice but to go back in.

“What you are asking for is impossible madam. My son is already married and cannot marry another. The only other option is for her to have the baby and we will care for it.” Dayo’s father replied.
“Care for it how? By giving us stipends? She did not intend to have a child so he can’t go scot-free. He must be responsible for her by marrying her. If she is good enough to date and have sex with then she is good enough for a wife.”
“This is serious. I can’t believe what I am hearing. Dayo you? After everything I have done for you? Is this how you repay the family?” Dayo’s father-in-law asked.
“It was the devil. I don’t know what got over me.”

“What she said is it true? Did you have sex with the lady while she was intoxicated?”
“Yes sir. I was also intoxicated myself. I didn’t know when I did it.”
‘You didn’t know when you booked the room and took her there? This was pre-meditated. You planned it. Now see the outcome. It is your fault. You have all the blame. You just got married and you are still sowing your wild oats. What is wrong with you?”

“Please forgive me sir. I am sincerely sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Mami, bami, eshu ni, it is the devil. Please help me beg my in-laws.”
“Which of your in-laws are you begging because you now have two in-laws.” Labake mother added.

“At this junction, I have to take my leave.” Dayo’s father-in-law walked out of the house.


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