Suspension Of RUGA – Dr. Uche Diala

I’ve been miffed with even some Buharists rejoicing at this suspension. Do we really get it?

There’s absolutely nothing bad with the RUGA Initiative. It’s different from the NTLP which we explained overnight but there was essentially nothing wrong with it and there was no ill intention or hidden agenda whatsoever. I know that and many of us, even its opponents know that too.

It is a program of the FMAR&D. The Ministry has several other agricultural programs and projects it does internally to add to the bigger picture. They don’t raise any dust. Why this one? We all know the answer even if we pretend not to.

Make no mistake, the Ministry goofed in its handling of the matter. The various government information organs goofed. No question. No excuse whatsoever. They should have done a lot better.

But that’s as far as it goes.

That said, the unfortunate truth remains that the suspension of that Initative is a victory for Ignorance.

For why would us as citizens not seek authentic information on own own for our collective good, even if the governnment Agencies and agents fail?

The suspension is a victory for Bigotry.

Because many people, even those who know it’s a harmeless program doubled down against it solely because they hate Fulanis and Buhari.
They are the same people who were and are against Ranching.
For these lot, even if the indicted government agencies/agents were up and doing and fed them with all the information, it won’t still have changed their minds and mindsets.

For them the Islamization and Fulanization agenda is real and the only intention of Buhari. No amount of information will change that.

The suspension is a victory for Mischief Makers.

Because even though it was crystal clear that it is voluntary and only willing states can participate, the loudest noise came from people whose states and areas were neither participating nor interested.

And the noise was not on the merits or demerits of the initiative but rather out of hateful stereotypes, innuendos, lies, propaganda, misconceptions and deliberate distortion of facts and truth.

Finally, the suspension is a victory for those who do not want the Herder/Farmer crises to end because they want to continue to use it to further their hateful rhetoric and evil political propaganda and agenda. This is the ultimate loss.

Collectively the suspension is a loss for the nation and our quest to solve an intractable problem.

We are a nation where citizens believe we have no duty or responsibility whatsoever. Even to educate ourselves. Even to mean well for our nation. If no one else gets it, I do.

That’s why I concluded last night that we are not serious as a nation and I maintain that till we repent.

Well, we have made it clear that the National Livestock Transformation Plan (NLTP) is different from the RUGA Initiative. We have presented the details on it. How many of us have read and understood it?

Or until Buhari presents it himself? What’s the duty of the Media, CSOs and us Citizens? Let’s wait and see if we will accept that one when its implementation begins.

I will keep watching. I only hope and pray that those of us that are well meaning won’t get tired and join the crowd of nehi nehi sayers.

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