You didn’t contemplate nor commit suicide when you could barely afford three square meal a day..
When you were living virtually through begging. Two Thousand Naira was a big money to you then.

You didn’t commit suicide when you could barely pay your school fees. You didn’t contemplate suicide when you were jobless, despondent, discouraged and disorganized. You kept the Faith and moved on with hope.

You didn’t commit suicide when you were betrayed and abandoned by family and friends…. When you were owing series of debts. You have passed through the cradle and crucible of life and never contemplated suicide.

Now that you are almost there. Now that you can at least pay your bills and afford to eat; now that your land is becoming green and due to little challenges on your way, you are contemplating suicide. Are you not ungrateful to God? Despite your condition, you are 💯% better than so many people but Satan won’t let you see it. He’ll only remind you of your failures and loses and not your gains.
Go to the hospitals, Prisons and cells and see people begging for freedom and life. Some are on life on support.

You must know that every potential great man or woman must pass through the wilderness and be stung by the bees. Even our Lord Jesus Christ was once discouraged and prayed The Father to take away the cup from him. An Angel had to appear and console Him in the Garden of Gethsemane. But Jesus Christ didn’t give up because the glory ahead was greater than the pain.

It’s normal to be discouraged, despondent and weak but never you lose HOPE nor contemplate suicide. Suicide doesn’t solve the problem, it rather brings more pain in the family. Be patient and talk to people.

Remember, there are people whose destinies are tied to your success. Think about your parents, siblings, love ones and friends. Think about your dreams and visions. If your dreams and visions are big and clear enough, then suicide should not be an option.

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