STORY: The Confession of a Story Teller PART 1

I want to talk a little about my personal life.

I feel I am strong enough to talk about this now.

Last year, I met this guy… I was smitten, blown away, infatuated and stupidly In love with him.
Dude ticked ALL my boxes, When I mean all, believe me, ALL my boxes. Or so I thought.
We got talking, gisting, chatting and all.
One day he invited me to his house. That was where I had the most memorable date ever. (will make a post about it next).

A few weeks later was his birthday. That evening, he invited some of his friends over and we talked, played games, laughed, ate and drank well into the night.
The next morning, a Saturday, one of his friends wife was praying but Her husband was with my friend, outside the house, skipping ropes.
I walked up to them.
Baby, did you sleep well? He asked me after a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
Asif you will allow her sleep, his friend added with a mischievous smile…
No, we haven’t gotten to ‘that place’ yet, my friend said.
Ah! Why? He asked, with a look of confusion and surprise.
I tried not to blush but it was futile.
Dude! Stop.
But, that’s odd. The Eugene I know….

He chuckled and kept quiet.
A few minutes later, one of the guys called out to my friend. They needed help with something.
Ask Umorem, my friend replied. He didn’t want to leave me alone with his inquisitive Friend.
Leave woman and come o! One of the guys shouted from the backyard.
He dropped the rope and excused himself.

I stood there quietly with his friend.
So why are you guys not…you know…
That’s private. Jeez!
He chuckled. My bad. I just wanted to know if it’s a mutual decision or you are also into all these religious jargon, like my wife.
Well, I am a Christian.
He laughed.
You are not a Christian? I asked.
He shook his head.
Are you a Muslim?
He shook his head again.
What are you doing with Eugene? He asked in a serious tone.
I don’t understand.
He stared at me for a few seconds.
You don’t believe in God? I asked.
He shrugged.
Eugene??? I asked.
He shrugged again.
I felt a shiver creep up my spine.

See, he started, I like you, you are a beautiful and intelligent young lady…dont you think you should be with someone who has same Belief?
Look at my wife, we are on the verge of a divorce, yet she won’t stop praying. That’s all she does; Talk to her God.
If I knew what I know now… Maybe I won’t have married her.
When I met her, she said she was irreligious, she talked about how religion has caused more harm than good. She was spontaneous and naughty. She was also a passionate person and suddenly, she claims to believe in a higher power, now all she does is pray. She has become fucking boring. In situations where she is supposed to act, she prays. She prays for everything. For food for clothes, for our kids studies, EVERY FUCKING THING! he spat angrily.
I cringed.
He looked at me a while…
He wanted to say something but then he sighed and scratched his head.
I think I’ve said enough, he muttered.


Watch out for Part 2


Created By Okoroafor Uju Christabell
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