STORY: Most Embarrassing Date-Night (Episode 1)

I was very excited about the date.

My hair, dress, makeup, everything was on fleek.
Maybe I may finally say yes to his proposal for us to have a relationship, I thought.
He came to pick me at 6:42pm.
We got to the restaurant and took our seat.

The place was very elegant.
We made our orders and while we waited we had small talks.
He put his phone on silence but it kept blinking and blinking.
My sis, he said, ignoring the call.

I had talked to his sis once or twice over the phone. She lived in Germany with her husband and kids.
Pick the call, I said to him.
No. I’ll call her back later.
She has been calling nonstop. It might be an emergency. I insisted.
He picked.

Hello, big Sis. Sup?
His sister was telling him something about their building contractor in the village but the network was so bad, he put the call on speaker, yet the line kept breaking.

Why not go outside and take the call? I suggested.
He sighed and hung up.
I will call her later.
The phone started blinking again.
We chuckled.
Please, I will be right back. He said as he got up.

Sure. I replied with a smile.
A few minutes after he left, the waiter brought a bottle of Moet in an ice bucket to our table.
I was pleasantly surprised.
What does he have in mind? I wondered.
The waiter kept the wine on the table.

Ummm… What’s this for?
I asked.
It’s from the gentleman over there. The waiter replied with a mischievous smile.
I looked at where he pointed.
It was distinguished looking man. He was seated alone with a laptop, some files and a bottle of water on his table.
My date returned just then and saw the wine.

Did you order for this? He asked with a smile.
No….i didn’t… Ummm…
He looked at me and then the waiter.
I…the Man over there sent it…to us. I stuttered.
I watched the smile leave his face. He sprang up from his seat and the waiter scrambled away.

Did we tell him we needed wine?
I am sure he means no harm. Calm down let’s continue our meal, it shouldn’t bother you. We can return the wine if you want. I said quietly, But my date wasn’t having it.

Why will he buy a drink for my woman? He barked as he approached the man.
I tried to hold him back to no avail.
He was furious. He screamed at the man and kept pointing at him.
Other diners stared.

The Man didn’t say a single word to my date while he screamed and hauled insults at him. When he saw that the man was not responding, he just roughly shut the laptop.
Other waiters gathered and tried to pull him away and glasses on the table came crashing down…
People gasped.

I stood there like a confused mumu. Wondering how he went from zero to 100 in a nano second.
I walked up to him and asked that we leave. He ignored me and kept warning the man.

The manager came out, and tried to calm him down.
I quietly took my purse and left.
I was so pissed and embarrassed.
It was when I left the restaurant and walked for almost a minute that I realised I had made a wrong move, That wasn’t the route I was supposed to take, I was supposed to move right but I moved left and it was too late to turn back.

The wind had picked up. Lightning shone and thunder rumbled.
The area where the restaurant is situated is a residential area and public transport don’t ply that way.
I kept walking, Hoping that I’ll see a taxi before the rain finally pours down on me, My hair, makeup, dress…. Heigod!

A Ford truck horned and stopped a few feet in front of me.
I walked up to the car, grateful to finally get a lift.
The window rolled down

It was the laptop man!!

Where are you heading to? I can drop you off. He said.
I didnt reply. I ignored him and kept walking.
He followed me with the car.
Come on! It’s about to rain.
Don’t worry, I will manage, I replied.
You can’t get a taxi in this area and the express is very far from here.
No problem. I am okay. I will manage. I replied and a deafening Thunder struck.
I cowered.
He drove further down and stopped.
By now it was beginning to drizzle.
He came down with an umbrella.
I am sorry about the whole incident. If I had known your boyfriend will react that way, I wouldn’t have sent the wine. It was just a friendly gesture. I promise. I had no intention of ruffling his feathers.
I am really sorry.
I swallowed a sigh.

So, let me drop you off before you get drenched, catch a cold, break down with flu, suffer pneumonia and die from it.
I tried not to laugh.

* * *
I got into the car and the heavens opened as though it has been waiting for me to make up my mind
So where are you heading to?

Where exactly?
I thought quickly. I didn’t want him to drop me off at home or he would know where I lived, so I told him to drop me off at the office.
He wanted to say something but changed his mind.
We drove in silence for a few minutes.
Can i increase the volume of my music? He asked.

Sure. I replied. Grateful that I could properly listen to the old school music.
Aaliyah’s try again filled the car…
What if you don’t succeed….
I hummed to the song.
You like it?
I love this song. I replied.
Then Alicia Keys and Ushers “Ma boo-boo was followed by “unleash the dragon” and when Mario’s “More than a friend” came on, I wasn’t humming anymore, I was singing out loud with him…
We sang together like two excited kids on their first trip to the zoo.

We got to the office.

Thank you so much. No need driving in, just park out here, I’ll go in. I said.
Okay, he replied and tried to park properly.

Then i saw him.
Standing there, behind his car, drenched, with hands on his waist and a scroll on his face, was my date.

I didn’t know if to come down from the car, or to just hide and tell the laptop man to drive off.

I finally decided to come down.
He saw me, then he recognized the man and all hell was let loose. In that anger he charged towards us.

There was a big open gutter there…
He didn’t see it.
He wasn’t even looking.



Watch out the Episode 2


Story Created By Okoroafor Uju Christabell
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