STORY: Cunny Man Die

It was around past 10pm.

I was returning from work. My boss sent me to the refinery to deliver something for him.
I remember him telling me to go in the afternoon but I just thought that since its not urgent, I might just drop it off after work and go home from there instead of coming back to the office to sign my closing time.
It was a wrong move.
The traffic around Akpajo, petrochemical and refinery is like Tuface and solid stars song; One in a million.
This was supposed to be a one hour drive to and fro but I left the office by 5pm, by 9:02 I was still at elelenwo.

Got to the round about between Odili Road and slaughter.
I was waiting for a cab going towards mile one. They usually drive through old GRA, which was where I lived but i didn’t see any, they were all going to Aggrey or Garrison.
Some lifts stopped but I’ll be damed than enter those cars with tinted glasses, or normal cars with lewd looking men.
A few minutes later, a Toyota Hilux pulled up.

Hi. Good evening, the driver greeted.
Good evening, I replied taken aback at how decent he sounded.
Where are you are heading to? I will like to drop you.
I am going towards Old GRA.
Oh! Cool. I am going to CFC. Come in then.
I thanked him and entered.
How are you?
Fine, thank you sir and you?
I am good. He replied.
So where are you going?
I am going home. I went on an errand for my boss and got caught in the Akpajo Traffic.
Okay, sorry about that. My name is bshdhejdhs. What do you say we just hang out somewhere?
No. It’s late. I replied.
Come on, it’s just a hangout, we can just stop somewhere and have a good time.
No. It’s late and I am tired.
Haba! I don’t bite. Just a hangout…. You know…
(I was getting furious but also trying to control my temper)
I know, I just don’t want to hang out. I insisted.
While I said No, he just slowed down the car to a crawl, when he saw that I wasn’t going to bulge, this dude parked his truck. Asin, I should come down.
The area he parked was near that LNG Nkpogu hospital and its so dark and lonely. If they kill you there sef and dismember your body, no one will hear pim.
So you want to drop me here because I don’t want to hang out with you? I asked.
No… I just want to do a u-turn bhsbdbdbdbdb, he replied.

I had to think fast. Think. Uju. Think.

If at all I want to hang out with you, do you think I will go out dressed in my corporate wear? With my bag, files and these heels?
There is nothing wrong with your dress. He said.
I wont be comfortable. If you want us to hang out, at least let me change into something comfortable and appropriate, flats and a sexy outing dress.
He started driving.
You should have told me that naa, he said and laughed.
I wanted to hit his coconut head on the steering wheel or on his window, but I smiled back.
You didn’t say I should change, you just wanted me to go out like this, check it naa, corporate wear it this time of the night. I continued smoothly.
He laughed again. It’s true sha.
So where are we going to?
Hshshdhdbdjdnd Hotel.
Nice! I replied but within me, I was boiling in anger.
We got to the junction leading to my house.
I’ll stop here but please park well, park in front of that shop, I directed.
He obeyed.
Where is your house?
That building there, I lied, pointing to no where in particular.
So I should….he started.
Just wait here. Give me 5 minutes I’ll change and come out, okay? I said with my best smile.
He smiled back. Okay babe.
Just wait o, please, okay? I said again.
Okay. He replied and put the car in park.
I came down, grateful to be in my area.
Walked into the street and didn’t stop till I got to the gate.
I met the gate man outside.
Aunty, welcome.
Thank you.
If anyone asks of me, or a fair girl, anyone at all, just tell the person to go down the street, you hear me?
He stifled a laugh.
Okay aunty.
Thank you. Goodnight.
Good night, Aunty.


Created By Okoroafor Uju Christabell
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