This morning we are dealing with the unfortunate and gruesome murder of a lady and some people have quickly blamed it on Fulani herdsmen without any investigation or proofs. Who does that? In which clime?

I recall sometime ago when some worshippers were gunned down inside a Catholic Church in Ozubulu, Anambra state. Immediately some people went to town swearing by their mothers’ graves that it was Fulani herdsmen that killed them.

We were later to know that it was a drug war gone bad and indeed the perpetrators were sons of the community.

Everyone pretended and kept quiet but the damage had already been done.

Here we go again. Our over sabi and wickedness is harming us and I really feel sorry for us. Suddenly every criminal act, even our good old assassinations, kidnapping and armed robbery are now automatically carried out by Fulanis.

All other criminals have become born again. And we think we are wise?

How about someone taking out an enemy knowing full well that some of us are ever ready to tag it Fulanis and then the police can look elsewhere.

I bet if it was today that Chief Bola Ige or Harry Marshall was killed, we would have conveniently accused Fulani herdmen and the matter will end just like that.

My point is everyone should shut the heck up and let the security agents do their job. Then we see what they come up with.

Let’s spare a thought for the dead woman and stop using her blood to further our dumb, selfish and wicked narrative.

Hear this: If we are hell bent on destroying and killing ourselves, there’s nothing much Buhari or indeed any President can do about it as much as Trump has not been able to stop gun violence in the US.

Let’s stop deceiving ourselves.

The ball is still in our court.

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