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That we believe that our brothers and sisters who are Herdsmen deserve a better life and we commend Mr. President and Vice President for their good intentions in this direction. However, it must be emphasized that what Federal Government and NEC approved was NLTP and it is not compulsory for all the states BUT FOR ANY WILLING STATE WHO WANTS TO PARTICIPATE IN NLTP.

We advise our kinsmen, women and indeed all Nigerians to please be careful with comments not to heat up the already charged state of Nigeria in this regard.

The wisdom of Economics allows states to develop along the lines of their economic comparative advantage. In this direction, we advise the FGN to immediately start the Implementation of NLTP in the Northern States that have accepted the Programme and where we have large expanse of land.

This will surly stop the movement of cows from one state to the other and put a stop to the crisis and suspicion between farmers and herdsmen.

The objective and success of this programme must be viewed along the lines of conflict resolution, welfare for herders, peaceful co-existence among farmers and herders, rehabilitation and reintegration of the displaced farmers/ herders and natives and increase in the wealth of herders, farmers and the nation at large.

~ South East Governors’ Forum

Nonetheless, from my perceptive, will  we hear?

Do we listen to and respect our leaders?

Do we want to hear the truth?

Is the whole noise really about Herdsmen in the first place? Or is it about Buhari?


Did we all not know all along that the plans are not compulsory for every state and that no one’s land has been, will be or can be forcefully “grabbed“?

If the problem is addressed, what will we use for our campaign of hate and political gerrymandering?

Anyways let’s wait until our ‘Supleme Reader‘ releases another proclamation and tell us how these Governors are “awusa-fulani slaves” and saboteurs.



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