Some Sexual Activities Women Do That Men Hates

Women sometimes fails to understand that men are naturally turned by certain attitudes especially when making love to each other.

Gist Reporters however gathered certain things women do during sexual intercourse that makes men feel uncomfortable.

Sex is something that is meant to be enjoyable by both parties. Sex is not expected to come through force or even be an exchange for money, thus, will just be a drama of pretence.

Lets examine certain things men hate during sex with a woman of which they (Women) are ignorant of and should therefore have a rethink.


Teething his Penis:

You will agree with me that men derive so much pleasure in Blow Job from a woman. It’s not a bitting opportunity, rather it was suppose to be a sucking kind of fore play.

It however involves the use of tongue and not the teeth, but some women makes the mistake of biting the penis on the process which sincerely makes the man angry.

Allowing The Man Do All The Job:

It was reported that men hates when a woman relaxes and allow the man do all the sexual activities of various kinds, without at least, displaying an act of participation.

Just lying there and letting him do all the work like you’re some sort of sex slave doesn’t make sense. You don’t want to make your man feel like he’s raping you.


Trying To Put Your Finger Inside His Anus:

Incase you are such that practise this act with your man, it’s advisable you stop.

We have been told that the men’s G-Spot is not in his anus rather his penis and most often his breast. Crawling your fingers into his anus is one disgusting thing men would never allow there woman do unto them.

Cringing When Giving Head Ways:

Why are you cringing? Did he force you? You shouldn’t put his manhood in your mouth if he disgusts you honey.


Refusing To Remove All Your Clothes:

This is just a turn off for many men, you need to be confident in your skin and in yourself regardless of whatever size or skin colour you are.


Not Moaning When Having Sex:

You’re just there acting like you’re not enjoying it as silent as a monk, like really?

You need to enjoy sex as it is and stop acting like it’s such a yucky thing to do. Have it with someone you like, where there is obvious chemistry and relax.

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