I strongly condemn in tantrum the purported “Secret Employment” going on in the Rivers State University.

On behalf of the National Union of Rivers State Students and Community in Ghana and the Diaspora, I want to state categorically that the alleged Secret Employment detriment to the progress and growth of the Educational Sector, Law abiding & non-violent youths and the State at large.

As matter of the act would undermine Principle of due process.

Where are names published for qualified interview candidates? What means was used to communicate to them?

What recruitment survey and factors were considered for the that brought the process to the point of interview???

This secret act would lack merit and credibility.
The secret act which is going to be based on names sent by senior colleagues in government and relatives of those in the corridors of power would not follow diligence and would be void of merit in the process.
The process would not be based on merit but based on “whose list”.

This act would discourage students/youths from studying to show themselves approved. Because, after all, connections would give them they want.

The act tends to produce a worse generation from what we have now. Today, some students pass through the University even unto NYSC without knowing how to make a simple sentence void of grammatical errors because they must have bought their ways throughout their years in the tertiary institution.

In order words, employment in the University environment done through the back door will eventually give birth to a worst scenario.

It is more disheartening for those of us studying or working in the Diaspora who wish to come back home and continue working or start work back home in order to share our experience from this other end.

But here is the unfortunate state where such opportunity is far fetched as we are very far from “those who know those who know somebody that knows someone somewhere” where there’s vacancy even in the public sector.

A public sector that ought to be open for us all. A public sector that should give us the opportunity to make impacts and contribute our quota to the fast development of our beloved State.
Pitiable situation it is.

Most pitiable is the fact that, this is happening in a time when other nations of the world are rejecting mostly Nigerians.

Despite the strict American visa application process for Nigerians, Donald Trump of America is ordering the arrest and deportation of Nigerians staying illegally in America. South Africa is mean on their Xenophobic attacks. My host country, Ghana is being hostile on Nigerians.

Where then do we run to if not homeland?

In orderwords, I call on the Executive Governor of our State, the sitting CEO of all State Government Ministries, Agencies and Parastatal to look into the recruitment processes in the Rivers State University in the case that he’s not aware of such malpractice in the process so to avoid subsequent reocurrence and this form of absit omen.

Please, we need an open system that works for everyone. A system that is for the ordinary and the elite, the average and the rich, those in power and the subjects.

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