RUGA Suspension: Nigerians Should Put Sentiment Apart And Allow RUGA To Take Place – Prince Ademola

You see, I have problem with many PDP apologists and people who has made up their minds that nothing from this government would be good for Nigeria due to their personal interests.

Ruga Settlement seeks to settle migrant pastoral families, which simply means rural settlement in which animal farmers not just cattle herders will be settled in an organised place with provision of necessary and adequate basic amenities such as Schools, Hospitals, Road Networks, Vet Clinics, Markets and Manufacturing entities that will process and add value to meats and animal products.

I mean, if we cry over issues between Farmers and Herders often, why can’t we welcome solutions that is capable of solving some of these hullabaloo, create Employment and bring orderliness?

You see, that are a lot of hypocrite as citizens of this country and to even cap it all, that association called Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), they are the most sentimental religious group I have seen in the whole world.

We have been discussing the issue of rape for awhile now, they initially said it was none of their business as they have umbrella bodies that governs over churches according to the group they belong to, and they only have a role between the church and government, apparently they’ve been playing that role very badly.

I don’t know what can threaten the churches than such internal crises. Instead of that, they have critically analyse the RUGA settlement and have found out that it’s not a solution that would work and it is an attempt to further the agenda to Islamise Nigeria. Hence, they have written the UN. They have successfully made Christianity a vulnerable religious group in Nigeria, even though that’s not true as we have them in all MDAs; that’s notwithstanding, we have the Vice President of the country and the Governor of Central Bank being from the same religious group. They keep fighting a wrong battle.

Imagine some of the state governors that have not even been listed to benefit from the program because they refused to buy into the idea and failed to provide lands for such a brilliant project. They are the ones going around as media warriors to reject and condemn the idea.

I can tell you for a fact, we have lands all over our states where we have no idea what they would be used for, those governors depends on monthly allocations, bail out funds, Paris Club refunds, funds from Excess Crude oil Account and IGR to run their States, they have no idea of what to do with those lands neither do they have an idea of how to solve Security Challenges in their states let alone, unemployment or take their citizens out of poverty.

I think Deji Adeyanju is intellectually lame, the other day he was shamelessly talking about INEC Central Server and couldn’t even understand himself, now his comments on RUGA is just too outrageous.


Why can’t we reason as Nigerians and leave sentiment aside.


I say YES to RUGA

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