RELIGION: Christianity and Contradictions PART ONE – Pastor Ufuoma Bernard

Christians say they are the only ones going to Heaven and that their religion is the only way to God and that their founder Jesus the Christ is the only one who died and resurrected after three days and that all other religious founders died and never resurrected.

I disagree:

And here’s why.

Firstly, the Holy Bible is made up of 2 sections; the Old Testament and the New Testament which are contradictory in many aspects. I’m going to be as objective as I can.

Now, the Bible Book of Genesis talks of Creation or origins and declares that God alone created everything yet the Apostle Paul claimed that God and Jesus created the world.

In Genesis 1 the Bible asserts that the male and the female were created automatically but Genesis 2 contradicted it by postulating that Adam was first created and later Eve was created manually from his ribs.

In the Ten Commandments God forbade killing yet we see God killing throughout the Old Testament; killing first born of the Egyptians, killing everybody in the world through flood which to me is universal genocide and raining of fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah.

The story of Adam and Eve is a gripping epic with contradictions. One, why tempt the two innocent primordial humans with a forbidden fruit and why allow a serpent into the Garden of Eden to mess up everything? Two, the killing of Abel by Cain is another thing that turns the plot upside down and then Cain traveled somewhere to get a wife whereas the Bible claims that the only humans on earth were Adam, Eve and Cain.

You’re either a realist/ Christian OR a fanatic /Christian. You certainly cannot be both. As a realist you are a moderate Christian and accepts what is right and rejects what’s wrong in the Bible but a fanatic is an extreme Christian who swallows hook, line and sinker whatever is in the Bible. The Bible is not a replacement for our brains for God’s sake.

People bend, twist and redefine Christianity because of its contradictory faultlines. Catholicism is patriarchal because of its belief in sexism, or the superiority of the male which some parts of the Bible uphold and appoints only males as Pope, Cardinal, Archbishop, Bishop and priests sidelining females but Pentecostalism and some sections of Anglicanism appoints females as priests relying on the same Bible.

All Christian denominations are different yet rely on the same Bible. They all claim to accept the Bible as the word of God and boast that they believe every word in the Bible but the truth is that each denomination cherry picks the Bible, accepting some parts and ignoring some others. The Catholic church for instance worships graven images which is condemned in the Bible. Jesus admonished that no one should be called “Father” on earth. That only God should be addressed as such yet the Catholic church calls its priests Father and Pentecostalism call its priests Daddy.

Jesus taught that we should pray only to God but today most Christians pray to Jesus!

On forgiveness of sins the Apostle Paul claimed that it’s through the blood of Jesus but Jesus said if you forgive your neighbors God will forgive you.

The most astonishing contradiction in Christiandom is about the death of Jesus. Paul claimed it was a ritual for the forgiveness of sins. But Jesus said that his brutal murder was an act of persecution and martyrdom. John 8:37,40,45.

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