RELATIONSHIP: The Joy of single hood

My dear, I would not want you to make the same mistake my mother made. Please, read with understanding.

Have your heart been broken by someone you loved so dearly, someone you can trade the whole universe for? Honestly, I know how it feels.

Are you among those women who sleeps around because you want to take revenge on your husband/boo for cheating on you? Aunty, please, stop punishing your innocent body.

I just realized that, one of the problem we face in Nigeria boils down to good relationship. For, if you do not have a good relationship, you may fail in other aspects of life. May!

Do you know why people suffer heart break from someone they love? If No, then see this.

For you to have a successful love life, you must learn to love yourself first. So that, any man who comes must follow suit and respect you. But, when you do not love yourself, you cannot get it from any man. For, love comes from the inside before it goes outside. The amount of love you have inside, is the same proportion you have outside.

This is where the problem of heart breaks lies. So, ask yourself this question “How much do I love myself? A honest answer will explain to you where things went wrong.

The Joy of single hood.

√ It is so pathetic how every woman craves for a man. All in the name of a “relationship” without even building themselves first.

√ Aunty, every man coming your way is a simple reflection of who you are. What type of men do you attract?

√ Single hood should be that season you work on yourself to attract real men.

√ Single hood should be that season you strive to become independent, hardworking, and strong.

√ Single hood is that time you chase your education, career, goals, and vision.

√ Single hood is that season you strive to build a spiritual growth with God.

√ Single hood is that season you discover your purpose and pursue it.


Courtesy: Victor’s Foundation
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