RELATIONSHIP: Advice from an old man (The ladies corner)

My dear, no matter how hard you try, you can never compare the love/relationship of my time to that of this generation.

It is so pathetic how young people describe love today. And, I just cannot help but pity the next generation.

My dear, I want you to pay attention to what I am about to share with you today. For, you may not find it in any verses of the bible.

My daughter, in my old sweet days, you dare not visit a woman in her father’s house. You can only summon the courage if you are sure and ready for marriage.

Today, our men would even come with their entire village people on the first date. Yet, it is just an avenue for several sex escapades with you.

My dear, never loose your value because a man came with “kai kai” to your house. Think!

My daughter, in my old sweet days, no man complained about sitting under the mango trees with their man. Neither did they bother about (looks, credentials, personality, finance, and others). Rather, they encouraged and supported their man to achieve those mentioned above.

Today, how many women can support their man? How many can stand with him, are you among those very few women?

My dear, if you love that man, in every storm you find yourself with him, stand. Keep standing.

My daughter, in my sweet old days, when a woman says “I love you” she meant it and stay committed to it. Even in death.

Today, this generation has abused the word “love”. They only use it to get what they want.

My dear, be very careful while choosing the man you want to spend your whole life with. And, if you find that man, when you profess your love to him, mean it, stay committed to it, and fight for it. For, tomorrow will unveil your hard work for today.


Courtesy: Victor’s Foundation
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