Lessons parents should teach there children on the issue of rape

Rape is becoming a common trend in the country and it’s high time parents begins to enhance there sense of guidance and ensure they create the level of awareness needed to curb this crime against humanity.

However, anyone can be a victim of rape as it is neither gender-based nor age-based. In as much as we charge the law enforcement agencies to always prosecute those that committed the crime, it is very necessary that our parents take up the full responsibility of teaching their children about rape and other necessities they should know.

We however wish to consider at least 3 lessons parents should teach their children to help create the awareness about rape;


1. A Rapist Can Be Anybody;

Parents should ensure they do not shy away from educating there children about the dangers of rape.

Inform your children and other minors around you that a rapist can be a stranger, a close friend or even a family member. Let your children be properly informed and don’t shy away from sharing this with them.


2. Rape Victims Should By All Means Voice Out Immediately After Such Incident, Despite Any Threat By The Rapist.

In recent times, it was observed that the victims of rape shy away from reporting the incident to there parents of the law enforcement agencies which sometimes is due to threat and they succumb by keeping quiet.

Parents should always ensure to create trust among there children. While growing up, they should be made to understand the importance of speaking out whatever thing they might have be affected with.

This aspect is very vital as many rape cases remains mute for years before breaking out. Sometimes, the disadvantage of keeping mute for several years will be no action or prosecution tonthe offender.


3. Be At The Right Place At The Right Time.

Minors are easy prey of rapists hence it is important you reiterate to them that they should always let you know where they are going and with whom they are going.

They should be home before nightfall and should always inform you about their movements.


NB: Report all case of RAPE on time.


Share this with your friends and family, it might help someone you don’t even know.

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