Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Vs Busola Dakolo Controversy

The mob against Pastor Abiodun Fatoyinbo are just masturbating on jungle justice because whether a thousand Falanas stand for Busola and whether the police investigation is taken to the jurisdiction of the alleged crime which is Ilorin there is nothing for Fatoyinbo to lose sleep over for three reasons.

See some Investigative analysis;


1. It’s 1:1. Fatoyinbo has a matter against Busola and Busola has a matter against Fatoyinbo. So, there’s a balance of power.


2. Busola’s case is a legal mirage misty with time and even primae facie evidence murky. No doctor report. No exact timeline.

No material witnesses. Her evidence is a legal mirage that cannot withstand the fire of cross examination. Her story is an excellent script for Super Story by Wale Adenuga and for the gullible, hypocritical public greedy for gossip but unfortunately useless for law enforcement and the justice system driven by facts and figures. No crime scene, only drama.


3. Pastor Abiodun Fatoyinbo has a good case against Busola and her belligerent husband Timi for criminal defamation.

The evidence is in the public domain. That poorly scripted interview is a nail on her coffin. If of a fact she had lodged a petition with the police over the issue then the interview she granted have further made nonsense of her already epileptic and ecliptic case because she should have allowed the police do their job.

What’s the purpose of the morbid and pornographic interview if not to paint the pastor in bad colors before the public and drag his reputation to the mud? That interview was senseless, tactless and classless and only succeeded in whipping up sentiments, and provoking mob action and jungle justice against the pastor and it achieved the nefarious purpose as a garrulous gang of protesters swarmed upon the Headquarters and Lagos branch of the church disrupting the services and breaching the peace of the church and causing trauma for the pastor, his wife and kids.

Busola and Timi have sowed wind and may reap whirlwind.

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