God created some of the most incredible, intelligent, industrious and beautiful humans on earth and deliberately placed them in His Supreme wisdom in one of the most blessed geographical corners of the earth.

A corner with naturally vast, rich and fertile land from North to South, East to West that sustains all kinds of crops on the face of earth.

Land, Forests and Bushes filled with all kinds of animals and enough grass land to sustain as many grazing animals as possible.

Perrenial Rivers and other water bodies swarming with fishes of all variety, fit for human consumpation without purification.

Earth’s Crust, North, South, East and West brimming with all manners of Mineral Resources – Crude Oil, Gold, Iron ore, Coal, Talc, Gypsium, Bentonite & Baryte, Lead & Zinc, Bitumen, Rock Salt, Gemstones, Kaolin etc.

A corner of the earth with one of the best all round weather anywhere in the world from Rainy Season to Dry Season to Harmatan, devoid of Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Typhoons, Cyclones, Draught, Famine, Seasonal & destructive Forest fires etc that are common features in many other parts of the world.

All these God placed in the geographical location that came to be known and called Nigeria and used them to bless the human beings in it called Nigerians free of charge.

The only thing God asked of us was simply that we manage our diversity in tribe, tongue and creed (which in itself is a source of strength if we had wisdom) and then go forth, conquer and subdue the world.

Sadly it does appear we do not appreciate these special and unmerited blessings from God.

It does seem we are not comfortable with the lack of natural disasters in Nigeria, so we are desperate to create our own disasters by own words, hands and actions.

It seems our God given intelligence and creativity are being best put to use for manufacturing lies, hateful, divisive and destructive propaganda and manipulation of gullible and innocent ones amongst us in addition to killing and plotting against one another.

In all these, it seems we think God is foolish for putting us together as one people under the same sky. BUT no matter how we want spin the amalgamation of Nigeria, God does not make mistakes and God did not make a mistake with Nigeria.

Therefore, the earlier we face that divine reality and each resolve to individually and collectively work for the success of this incredible nation of ours called Nigeria, the better for us.

Think Nigeria!! Think!!!

Time waits for no one. A stitch in time saves nine.


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