OPINION: The Real Revolution Now Part 2

For decades we paid little or no attention to our senior citizens who labored and sometimes gave their lives in the service of our dear nation.

In our selfishness, we paid little heed to their plight as more and more retirees were added to the lot. The monies meant for their pensions found their way into private pockets of corrupt leaders and government officials.

The Buhari Administration came and made it a cardinal point to ease their burden and in so doing denied those who made their pensions their means of personal aggrandizement thus incuring their wrath. That is part of the sins of President Buhari.

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Interestingly and ironically some of those who perpetrated this grave injustice on our senior citizens are some of those promoting a supposed revolution aimed ousting the administration (in their words) with the money they stole from the Pensioners.

But #TheRealRevolution has been on since 2015 and this is part of it. Nothing will stop it.

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As Patriotic citizens we must strive to separate the wheat from the chaff and identify and isolate the #RealEnemies from the #Helpers and #Restorers.



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