OPINION: Take It Back Movement

All Government primary and secondary Schools should be renovated and 90% of the teachers should be paid off……so that sound youths can take over and produce quality students in the society.

On security, any officers in NPF,Navy,Army,Custom,etc above 55years old should be paid off and allow the youths to take over the security system for better and greater Nigeria.

Casualiazation in the Nigeria workforce is a curse on the Nigeria economy and it must be eradicated completely across the board both in the private sector and government sector…..e.g 90% of labourer in the banking sector are contract staff going home with peanuts every month, pz, telecommunication companies,etc. This has really increased high level of corruption practices in the Nigeria economy.

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The new minimum wage should be implemented for private sector too because they both went fight for it in pains and strike.

FG must allow States to generate electricity on their own without any interferance from FG. FG should just be a supervising body.

Compulsory retirement and pay off across all FG and SG parastatas for any civil servant above 55yrs to allow massive employment for the youths on the street.

A target should be given to all state Government to repair and tie all the streets in their various states with street light and health centre facilities across the state and more general hospital in the State.

Creation of more nursing schools across Nigeria is very very crucial and necessary.

On sports, all ex players should take over NFF board/Glass House in Abuja instead of this hopeless political appointees and godfatherism appointment and players must be selected from the six geopolitical zone.

90% traditional rulers in Nigeria are scammers, politicians use their Bank account to loot the Nation resources. Their office must be address.

We won’t be happy and we will be disappointed if we didn’t hear this critical points while address the press on August 5th… please take note!

Let me stop here for now!!!

Expect more before August 5th

#RevolutionNow #RevolutionNow


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