OPINION: Our Politicians, Our Deceivers

Mass deception requires not only realpolitik but Machiavellian tactics and our politicians are adepts here.

The only tribe our leaders know is money. It’s all about money. To keep the money flowing two tricks are crucial.



Religion must be intensified and fortified. A religious people are a receptive people to maladministration. A religious people pray for bad leaders. Religion must be patronized and subsidized.

Is that not why even the righteous Buhari has two forex regimes. One for everything. Two for religion. The Oyedepos, Adeboyes and all of the religious merchants are collaborators with the politicians.

They are beneficiaries. The poorer the society the richer the pastors and imams.

This is why the el-Zakzaky protests will fail. It’s selfish. It’s for their petty self interests. If their leader is released the protests will end.

Imagine Winners and Redeemed churches unleashing it’s millions of disciples on nationwide protests for poverty alleviation and good governance.

Just imagine, Catholics, Anglicans, Aladuras, Moslems, and atheists will join. APC and PDP will tremble.

This is impossible as long as the Oyedepos and Adeboyes are collaborators and collecting filthy lucre.


Divide And Rule

This is an old strategy to oppress and suppress the people. The colonialists used it successfully and our politicians are using it adroitly to carve territories for themselves.

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We have been divided into wailers and hailers. We have been divided into Southerners and Northerners and into Christians and Moslems through subterfuge and disingenuous disinformation.

This is the fault line stopping our political and economic development and evolution. As the masses wail and hail the politicians are smiling to the banks and in a spending spree. If evolution does not take us to the Promised Land I guess revolution would.

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