I have since quit stressing over who is appointed or not, largely because those who make these appointments obviously have a different mindset or do not give a damn. In any case, they will bear the consequences of their failures or successes. So na their business. Or No?

Well sadly we will be part of it too whether we like it or not. I hate continuing to defend what I have no contribution to causing. But that is our lot – clean up any mess made so long as President Muhammadu Buhari is involved. But for how long in practicality? And that’s where I disagree a bit with some of my comrades who think it doesn’t matter, even though I respect their opinion.

Except we are being unrealistic or being holier than the Pope, no one goes to bed or to work with one who clearly does not share the same set of values, principles and ideologies. It is a fact of life and politics even in ‘saner climes’. So we are not re-inventing the wheel.

My real concerns are:

How much will the activities of people who do not share the core values, policies and ideology of the Buhari administration be trusted to carry on the same values and policies which they have so publicly and disgracefully poopooed?

How much will they then be able to push for the things we have all fought for over the years which they have vehemently and loudly fought against?
How do we ensure that at the end of 4 years, they being on the driver’s seat would have helped to achieve our dreams which they never believed in in the first place, so that we won’t be left defending and justifying the unjustifiable by 2023?

These are the things that bother me. It is both a moral, tactical and practical issue that we can’t just waive away for political correctness. Some folks keep thinking it’s about who is appointed or because one is not appointed himself. So I had reason to explain once that I or anyone I know should not even be appointed but let someone be appointed that we can all identity with as a believer in the Cause, even if he is a genuine critic and we shall all rally round that one and quickly move the ministry to the permanent site. Is that really too much to ask for?

The worst that anyone can do is dampen the spirit of the foot soldiers. It’s not the words we speak but the way the heart feels that matters and guides.

That said, while I ponder what those who make these appointments are really thinking, I will also responsibly call out all of us, whether Buharists or APC supporters or non-Party Buhari supporters. How do our individual and collective conduct enhance the chances of more ardent believers in the Administration to be appointed?

With the cacophony of voices, kindred jealousy, backbiting, individualism and division that is so apparent? Do we really think these are not noticed? Where is the cohesion, sincerity and unity of purpose to ensure that? Why can’t we speak with one voice for once?

This whole thing actually reminds me of how often ‘good girls’ would be praying and fasting for husbands while supposedly ‘bad girls’ keep flying off the spinsterhood shelf every Saturday while the good girls do ashoebi girls for them.

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