Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) is federal government intervention agency created to help fast track the development of minerals producing communities of Niger Delta region.

Over the years, NDDC has ben embroiled with corruption, malfeasance and inhumane acts perpetrated by its top officials against a people they were expected to turn their fortune around.

In the good old days, NDDC registered contractors were usually given mobilisation fund for contract projects. On completion of projects, contractors are contacted and their projects money release to them The process then was having a human face..

Professor Nelson Boambaifa, acting Managing director of NDDC came on board with new system. Disbursement of mobilization fund to NDDC contractors was swiftly abolished.

According to the acting Managing director, majority of NDDC contractors do abscond with the mobilization fund given to them by the commission.

And who are those contractors that are in the habit of disappearing with NDDC mobilization funds? They are the cronies, relatives, friends and club members of top officials of NDDC.

It is on record that NDDC top officials award contract projects to fictitious companies they have raised.That’s explained why no arrest and prosecution has ever been made on the massive looting of public funds going on at NDDC.

Top officials of NDDC have properties in United Kingdom, United States of America and other countries of the world, and their children are attending most expensive schools in foreign countries.

Furthermore, the acting Managing director and his executives at NDDC no longer adhere to projects captioned on the budget of the Federal government regional intervention agency. To milked NDDC dry, Prof Nelson Boambaifo and his team criminally fashioned out a system called ” emergency jobs”

It is interesting to note that the ” emergency jobs” personally created by the MD, EDP and EDFA of NDDC are allocated to unregistered contractors and NDDC registered contractors sidelined.

This is how NDDC top officials makes their money and in so doing, they killed the vision for which NDDC was established by the federal government of Nigeria.

At today’s NDDC, a registered contractor with NDDC takes bank loan and mobilised himself or herself to site. On completion of projects, NDDC contractors undergo severe torment, trauma, harassment in pursuing payment for the contract projects they executed for NDDC.

Getting payment for projects executed at NDDC is likening to a camel passing through the eye of a needle.

This is how the acting Managing Director, Executive Director of Projects, Executive Director of Finance play the dirty game in NDDC.

( 1 ) To claim project executed funds, NDDC contractors are asked to produce their Interim payment certificate and Treasury single account.

( 2 ) NDDC top officials force contractors to enter unholy agreement with them that 10% –15% of their projects fund will be given to them after payment. This is the condition for which files of contractors are attended to.

( 3 ) Those who receive the 10% — 15% bribe money on behalf of the MD, EDFA and EDP of NDDC are their personal assistants, chief security officers or their close relatives

( 4 ) Married women and sigle ladies are offered sexual advances by NDDC personnel to facilitate the processing of their payment .

NDDC registered contractors demand the following from the Federal Government.

( A ) It is not about releasing huge annual fund to NDDC for its operation, Federal Government should also investigate NDDC top officials for corruption.

Those found culpable of criminal acts should be arrested, prosecuted and punished to serve as deterrent.. NDDC leaderships are killing the commission.

( B ) Federal Government should as a matter of urgency stop the payment of 10% –15 % bribe money by contractors to top officials of NDDC.

( C ) This regime of suppression where NDDC contract projects are reserved for elements with political parties and cult groups affiliation and killers association should be discontinued by the Federal Government.

( D ) Federal Government should intervene in the case of non–payment of contractors and ensure that NDDC pay contractors who have efficiently executed their projects.

( F ) The registered contractors demand that NDDC personnel should desist from harassing married women and single women sexually.

The evil men at NDDC are breaking marriages and destroying families of the people of Niger Delta region.

May God bless the Niger Delta region and our beloved country, Nigeria.



Opinion Created By Ugorji Obieti
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1 Comment

  1. ปั้มไลค์

    September 1, 2019 at 10:15 am

    Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.

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