What’s the perception of the average Nigerian about his country? Basically, confused! Why?

Because leadership has failed in it’s role to model it’s citizens into a thriving mass of committed and patriotic people, to be relied on in times like this, with the prevailing contradictions of in the body politic of our country.

The failure of a system that has become chronically sustained by a cabal of the so-called enlightened, but profusely law breaking, wicked and selfish interest groups across ethno-religious clusters of primordial interests. A highly resistant organised looting orchestra of the absurd.

It’s degrading to see well dressed people introduce themselves, well packaged, with a banging acronym and telegraphic expression attached to their names spewing confusion of venomous proportions in front of video camera or recording and distributing audio messages, just to achieve a short-term selfish political advantage.

Nation building has costs and responsibilities attached and citizens like you and I have a duty to lend our support and encouragement to the government of the day to succeed rather than buying into fake news designed to drown the good works of government. It’s treacherous to gang up and forment troubles against a well meaning government as we presently have today with President Muhammadu Buhari on the saddle.

The current attempt to create the false narrative of crimes, conflicts and crises should be done away with. Let all disagreement on government policies be resolved by the experts on every side of the negotiating table and not based on the frivolities on the streets.


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