Nigerian Man Expected To Be Executed In Singapore Over Drug Trafficking

The reports making round the media has it that a Nigerian who is said to be residing at Singapore was said to have been apprehended over drug trafficking.

The details gathered narrated thus;

A “Nigerian man” who studied (Industrial Chemistry) & graduated from the (University of Benin) is going to be executed today for drug trafficking at (Singapore).

Very unfortunate, this is the outcome of greed, trying to make easy money, thinking that he’s smart & i don’t care to listen attitude.

Drug Trafficking is an “illegal trade” in the movement of illicit drugs btwn one country & another or from one place to another.

Its the movement of drugs from the point of productions, through the transit point to the destination point (i.e point of consumption).

Drug traffickers operates in syndicates

– Procurement syndicate
– Courier syndicate
– Overseas distribution syndicate
-Local mechanizing syndicate

Impact of Drug Trafficking to the nation

– Diplomatic embarrassment
– International Stigmatization
– Criminalization of Nigeria
– Denigration of DEA officers
– Vulnerability of Nigeria
– Challenge to national security
– Spill over effect.

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