Earlier today I wrote about the shenanigans of our Media with Channels TV as an example.

Some people in some quarters took aim at me talking about how the Press is independent. As if we didn’t know that. How responsibly has the Media handled that independence in view of its responsbility to mould the narrative and assist in nation building, cohesion, peace, progress and security? That’s the key question.

At a time we used to know there were basically two types of Journalism – Serious Journalism and Junk Journalism. Back then when you bought a Newspaper or tuned into a TV or Radio station, you’d know what to expect and how serious to take whatever they have to offer based on the above classification.

But today one doesn’t know which News media is junk or which one to take serious. They are all the same now. Or almost all the same.

Take a look at this item on Daily Post Newspaper with the caption “Buhari Not in Saudi Arabia – Nnamdi Kanu alleges”.


Someone would tell me it’s a News item. But that’s the problem. When this Newspaper knows that the President is undoubtedly in Saudi Arabia and knows that Nnamdi Kanu knows that too but just wants to pursue his acidic and divisive agenda, it still went ahead to publish that knowing full well that many would not bother to read the full story.

My question is: Is this Newspaper carrying the news or is it only helping Nnamdi Kanu sell his propaganda and lies?

Then is it acting in the national interest and in the interest of independent Journalism or is it simply lending a hand to those who want to create confusion and destabilize the nation?

Should the loyalty of a Nigerian Newspaper be to the Nigerian state which licenses it or should be to a seperatist entity who holds a dual citizenship and who’s technically at war with the nation?

Some people might still tell me the Newspaper is covering all sides of the story. So which side of the story does this propaganda fall into?

I repeat that the regulating authorities need to sit up. Otherwise these elements will hide under freedom of the Press and turn this nation into the “Zoo” or “shithole” they already tagged it. Even America and the UK will not tolerate this level of irresponsible journalism in the name of Press freedom.

Added to this, if one logs into Whatsapp and Facebook, one would appreciate the huge time bomb we are sitting on as a nation. Who will bell the alley cat?

I might be a lone voice in the wilderness but I will keep shouting because I know the dangers such unchecked acts are causing, especially in my South East, amongst my kith and kin.

God bless Nigeria.



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