My Facebook Friend “Painting Reality With Fiction”


I don’t know who need to hear this. Maybe you have already taken a decision but, I urge you to read carefully.

“Baby, you know that we have been dating online for some months now, yet you don’t want to come and spend a day with me. Please, make up your mind nah. You know that i will not bite you nah” (Prince told his online girlfriend Gift on a phone conversation).

Aright sweetie, I will come to see you tomorrow’s evening. (Gift replied him). Few minutes later, Prince ended the call…

“Guys, that babe go hearam o because I go drink tramadol (1000mg), smoke confirm (SK), chew bitter cola, chop cabin biscuit, then use black bullet dilute am before she go come tomorrow. That babe go smell fire tomorrow. I no go miss that (yatch and breasts she dey always post online)”. Prince added as his friends laughed profusely.

I was just sitting next to their table in a small restaurant in my environs. For some hours, I kept wondering who the girl would be that is coming to smell hell all in the name of online dating. His house is just a stone throw from mine. He is well known in the street for his waywardness.

Just this morning at around 6:12, I heard noises which deprived me of my sleep. I struggled out of the bed to know the situation outside.

I heard people saying “that boy no dey hear something, in cup don full”. After a moment, I realized that they were all referring to Prince.

I rushed to his house and behold, I saw a beautiful naked girl lying on his bed dead with bruises all over her body. I overheard his neighbours telling some policemen how they could not sleep because of the noise that came from his room. “We no go to disturb Prince because nah so we dey hear noise everytime in carry woman come house” (one of his neighbour reported).

After the investigation from the policemen, we realized that her name is Gift and she was raped to death by Prince and his friends who are no where to be found. I hope her soul rest in peace.


NB: Ladies, be careful of the Facebook friends you visit nowadays. Also, the kind of clothes you show online may give a bad impression about you.
Your life lies in your hands today. And, you may save a soul today by #Sharing

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