In the last few days we have harped on faith and agreed that it is action based on belief. Today, let us deal with the core of the issue: the phenomenon called belief.

Belief is conviction. It is the acceptance of the existence of something, especially one without proof. We believed Jesus died for us and saved us by his death. We were not there. We did not see him die. But all the same we believed and because we did it affected our reality positively.

Belief is a spiritual phenomenon. It owes its origin and validity to spiritual order and principles. When you believe a thing, you accept its possibility and reality. This is why it is important to gauge what we believe. By just believing we set in motion the elements that provoke its possibility and reality. Belief is a creative energy. While it may not readily appear before our eyes, but by believing in the possibility of any reality, we invariably instigate its creation to being. That’s why in no time, that belief also becomes our reality.

This is the principle behind sick people getting healed supernaturally. It is not magic. By being ministered to by the word, their mindset becomes positively altered to enable them believe for their healing. The moment they believe in their mind that they are healed in the name of Jesus, the highest Spiritual Authority, the elements go to work to create that reality. Sometimes the results are instantaneous. Other times they take awhile but eventually happen. That’s how powerful beliefs are.

In Mark 9:23 ‘Jesus said to him, “‘If You can!’ All things are possible to him who believes.”’

This means it’s a law! All things are possible to the one who believes. The creative energy works all the time! This is why you must be guided to believe for only what you desire to become your reality. If you believe that you might be unfortunate, you would be unfortunate. It will happen because your belief created it. This is why we have to be intentionally positive always!

How far do you want to go in life? What do you want to accomplish? Believe that you can and you would. It doesn’t matter what your present reality is, alter it by your belief. What does it cost to believe? Nothing. Just accept the reality of something, dazzol. While it may not happen magically like the genie, Aladdin, would suggest. By first and only believing in the possibility of creating any given reality, you will begin to get ideas on the way forward. When you act on those ideas you are living your faith and creating your reality. Before long, your belief is not only your reality but also part of your history.

What can you believe for? Why don’t you use that creative ability to begin your journey upwards and forwards today?

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1 Comment

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    September 1, 2019 at 10:15 am

    Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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