Leveraging on Digital for Influence and to Attract Money

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak at Daniel Generation Ministry on the topic “Leveraging on Digital for influence and to attract money”

Here’s an excerpt of what I said

“In this age, the one thing that you must realize is that there are no limitations. Whether your idea or niche is new or saturated, the internet has provided a means to tell your story in your own way, drive the narrative of your choice and connect with people from all over the world. It is an opportunity to go beyond your immediate environment and build your own unique community.

Is yours an already existing market? That’s fine. I don’t believe in over-saturation. You just need to discover what makes your brand unique and leverage on it. We may all have the same product/service/gift but our target audience might be different. We might all have the same audience, but the expression of our gifts and brand will be different. We may both have the same audience and product/service/gift expression but our the impact will be different.

New market? This is a season that favors disruption. Don’t be afraid to be the first. Explore your ideas.

Whichever place you fall into, brand positioning is how you stand out. To position your brand, You first need to answer the following questions:

• What: What are you bringing to the table? A product, a service? What is your solution? What is your area of expertise?

• Who: Who is your target audience? Whom are you meant to serve? What people do you need in your community? Whom do you want to hire you?

• Why: Why are you doing it? What is your brand story? Your mission?

• Where: What channels do you want to dominate? Pick one, two or whatever; but be clear on the channels and how they fit into your brand story and if your TA is there.

• How: What is your how? – Your strategy for gaining visibility, brand awareness and sales (sales could be your dream job or your dream clients).


A little on the how for Business Owners:

First of all, go to where your customers are.

• SOCIAL SELL. | Build relationships, create valuable content for your community.

• Consistency builds Top of Mind Awareness. As an entrepreneur, you want to go beyond brand awareness and attain TOMA for a sizeable portion of your TA. | I always say this about consistency: “Post as often as possible that they do not forget you but not too much that you begin to feel like spam.”

• Trendspot: Become very good at identifying and leveraging new trends.

• Always leverage on your Brand story to emotionally connect with your TA. | Be human, be unique, be genuine

• Acquisition of new clients is good but mastering the art of retaining old clients is always better. Give the best experience to your customers/clients. Give them incentives or whatever. Build customer loyalty.

The how for those who want to build a professional career (9-5ers).

• You can be a thought leader too. Let your connections know your area of experience and expertise.

• Having an OPTIMIZED LinkedIn profile is non-negotiable. | In your CV and LinkedIn, focus on Skills and or Experience over Certification. On your experience, focus on achievement/results over the Job description

• Build a portfolio. A track record is always a great way to stand out. At the beginning of your career, this might require you doing a couple of free gigs every now and again though. Embrace the journey.

• Flex your staying power. Don’t go running from job to job every other month.

Finally remember, the only way to use digital to drive Influence and attract money is to actually use the digital channels (you can’t run away from it) and to give value. Every content you put out matters!”

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