Government brought RUGA as part of the solution, they shouted Nehi! Nehi!! Nehi!!! Government suspended RUGA. They were ecstatic and released cannon shots of ‘victory’.

Government brought NLTP, we explained it to them, they pretended and kept mum because they had no sensible argument.

Northern Governors now adopted NLTP and suddenly and spontaneously they found their coarse voices. They know the benefits alright and that it would help solve multiple issues including the age long Farmer/Herder crises and of course help grow the economy but they do not want all those things. They want the wahalas to continue so they can have evil talking points.

They equally know very well that it would be highly beneficial to the South but they don’t want to lose their evil hold on the jugular of Southerners and thereby lose their meal tickets, so double down. They must continue to lie and deceive them. But for how long?

I only pity those folks who are held under their spell and who have surrendered their own God given ability for common sense and independent thought.

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