Guides To Attract And Sustain Crowds In Your Ministry: 5 Codes For Pastors

The dream of every man of God is to have an expanded church auditorium full with members.

However, let us consider at least 5 secret codes for Pastors;



To make impact in ministry the first Code is “Passion”. You must be passionate about your calling or Ministry. You must be energetic and enthusiastic. You must throw your all into what you do.

You must be your best and do your best. Imitation is limitation. Admire successful ministers but don’t imitate them. Carve a niche for yourself. Have a mission and vision statement and structure your ministry after it.



Start anyhow or anywhere. Just start. Start small if possible but dream big. Start in a class room, your bedroom or anywhere. Just start.



Be like the magnet. The magnet is an iron with electric current that attract other irons. To be attractive is beyond your outward appearance. Let your words be attractive. Speak authoritatively. Talk tall.

Talk like a leader. Inspire confidence. Give courage. Offer hope. Pulpit power is the secret of the pastor. From the pulpit release salvation, blessings, healing, prosperity and good things. The gospel is good news. Let your preaching and teaching only be about goodness and mercy.

Don’t use the pulpit to curse, swear, argue, lament or gossip. It’s your Centre of gravity and your high seat.



This is the most important code. If you want to draw crowds you must put yourself in the public eye. You can start small through fliers and handbills and progress to banners and billboards and finally to television.

With your smartphone you can do Live broadcasts and eventually build a website and blog.

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Be friendly with people but never be familiar. Avoid bad company. Don’t sleep with your church women either singles or married. You can do “packaging” but do clean ones or they’ll backfire and ruin your ministry.

If you read your Bible and read generally your IQ will go up and if you listen to the tapes of all kinds of pastors regularly you’ll discover their techniques and you can sharpen your tactics. I am sorry to disappoint you, drawing crowds has nothing to do with God. God doesn’t care about crowds. “Where two or three are gathered God is there”. (Matthew 18: 20).

A God fearing pastor is not bothered about crowds because he’s “building his castles in Heaven, but a carnally minded pastor is desirous of “building his treasures on earth and dreams of large numbers of people which guarantees money and prestige.

CONCLUSION. Mark 8:36, “What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his soul?

A false Prophet using tricks can draw large crowds of people and lead them astray and a true Prophet can attract only one person and lead him to salvation.

Nevertheless, a true Prophet can still draw crowds of people but it can never be overnight. Rome was not built in a day.

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