Governor Wike’s era tagged “RIVERS OF BLOODS”

Immediately Chief (Barr.) Nyesom Ezewo Wike became the Governor of Rivers state, our once peaceful state was justifiably nicknamed ” RIVERS OF BLOODS ” in the social parlance.

Port Harcourt and communities of Rivers state flowed endlessly with human bloods. The highways and streets of Rivers State are consumed with the precious bloods of Rivers people and strangers.

Indeed, this regime of Governor Nyesom Wike and Felix Obuah in Rivers state is demonic and diabolical. Mothers and children are weeping miserably over the death of their husbands and fathers. Rivers people lament, and they cry day in, day out.

The hostility, criminality, insecurity and human carnage in Rivers state has reached a boiling point. But surprisingly, the state is so cool. The state is not witnessing any public outrage over the gruesome killing of human beings.

Rivers people have become so comfortable with spilling of hot human bloods in their land. Our conscience no longer pricked. Our human conscience is death. Sacrilegious and odious acts are now normal things for the people of Rivers State.

Rivers people are cool with the barbaric killings of their loved ones. Each time our loved ones are hacked down to untimely death, the best Rivers people could do is to say, ” REST IN PEACE”. The new slogan in Rivers State is ” REST IN PEACE ”

When the mafia in government and their cultists ally mercilessly slaughtered our fathers, mothers, children, relatives, friends and colleagues, we foolishly picked up our distasteful slogan of ” REST IN PEACE”

As a people, our action end only at ” REST IN PEACE”. We all have become so powerless in the face of glaring oppression, suppression and injustices.

Rivers people wait silently and cowardly for another barbaric killing to occur in their state for them to resume their dirty slogan of ” REST IN PEACE”

REST IN PEACE has become our hallmark as a people. We all have become a people of ” REST IN PEACE”.

Are we not all tired of this dirty slogan? How come we are not demanding accountability from our political leaders over the mayhem, bloodletting and criminality ravaging our State?
Fundamentally, something is wrong with us as a people. This is not ordinary at all.

After they murdered your loved ones, then they wickedly turn around and give you chop money,
buy you casket, give you money to organise the funeral of your loved ones they killed.

Group of people conspired together and killed Ekelegbe Fynface Cohen Chikobi    (EFCC), a vibrant young man with so much ahead of him.

Look at the wife and the two little children of late Mr Chikobi. Look at what they have done to this woman and her little kids.

Look at how they wickedly turned this woman to a young widow, and how they made these two little girls fatherless.

Look at how pain and sorrow have weighed this woman and her little kids down. Look at the wickedness of men against fellow mankind.

Is this right? For Christ sake, how fair is this?
When will the inhumane acts cease in Rivers?



Opinion Created By Ugorji Obieti
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