Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State is a Juvenile Politician who has gone Rogue

The Proclamation for the Inauguration of the House of Assembly that saw nine legislators sworn in cannot stand because it was shadowy, nocturnal, demonic and undemocratic.

It was a desperate act of a sinking man. You cannot lock out the majority because of realpolitik.

The act of the governor was Machiavellian, prebendal and bellicose. This is why it will backfire and cannot stand. Let’s start with the numbers: the governor has 9 legislators. Oshiomole has 12.

The most deadly angle to the fracas is the federal might. Oshiomole has control of the party structures and used it succinctly against the ‘powerful’ Okorocha and others and will use it successfully against Governor Obaseki all things being equal.

Oshiomole controls the National Assembly and unleashed it days ago. Oshiomole ‘controls’ the police. Oshiomole also controls the movers and shakers in Edo politics.

Governor Obaseki controls the rabble rousers. Obaseki is swimming against the tides, he’s a wimpy pussy cat Oshiomole is a ferocious leopard. Obaseki has broken the primary law of power: Never outshine your master.

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