FICTION: A Letter from a mother to her Son

Dear son, heed not to these charlatans who chant submission on social media.
Son, when you find her, love her truly and wholly. Love her the way you are commanded by God. When you love a woman, she reciprocates, and you know what? She never gives you in the measure you gave her, she gives more.
Son, when your wife truly loves you, submission is nothing, she will die for you.

Son, when your woman finds you worthy of her love, she’d risk Her life to have kids for you. She would do a lot to please you, even if it means Inconveniencing herself, she will.
She would give an organ to you, with smiles on her face… Son when your woman loves you… she will lift you up each day in prayers and watch you soar and prosper in leaps and bounds. She will take you like her child, her child is the one she will give her life for, without a second thought.

Earn her love son and she will make you feel like a king and sometimes even do some crazy things to make your head swell.

Hey! don’t blush. 😒

Son, just love your woman, a woman is created to receive love. When she doesn’t receive it, she malfunctions.
Do not be like these men on Facebook who don’t even know what it means to really show a woman love, yet they want submission. These men who cheat on their wives, beat up their wives, and carry an ego bigger than their entire generation; son, these men who think loving their wife is about having sex and giving her money for upkeep of the house, ignore them, their marriages will always need CPR.

Promise me you will never be their doctors, let them die in their foolery and rid the world of Fools.

Son, when your father came to me, he wasn’t interested in submission, he just wanted to love me.
He wanted a PARTNER, not a student, a follower, or someone to obey him. He wanted someone who will take on the world with him. He wanted someone who saw things the way he did.
Your father wanted a challenge, not a project, someone with ideas, vision and dreams.

Son, he knew that “one may chase a thousand” but he understood the mystery that “Two will chase ten thousand”. He wanted a woman who knew this.
You have seen our marriage, I want you to have a marriage as good or even better than ours.

Son, there are times you will be right but still apologize. Marriage is sacrifice. If you have an ego, you won’t do that.
Son, there are times when your wife will no longer look attractive, that is why you shouldn’t place your hope in physical beauty.
Know that your wife is you. A female version of yourself. She is your queen, your woman, your everything.

Son, do not make friends with men who dont reason like you. Do not make friends with men who think God made them superior to women, they will never treat with respect, someone they feel they are greater than.

Watch out, They are the loudest who would make noise about how their wives bow to them at home. How their wives don’t care if they cheat, how their wives never question their (flawed) authority and see their words as A and amen.
Son, you know that is madness! I brought you up to have common sense. You know that sometimes, your ideas may not be the best and you will need to rub minds with your wife on every decision you take as a family. So Avoid such men like a plague, (Ndi head of fish). They are like maggot infested shit, when they rub off on you, water and soap makes no much impact .
Avoid them in totality.

Avoid climbers. Women who hinge on their men, they will drag you backwards. You want a woman with wings too.
Son, your kids inherit their intelligence from their mother, choose a wise and intelligent woman. Believe me, no woman is ugly, so go for character, principles and values.

If she is not willing to work, to earn her own money, if she has no dreams, no goals, no vision, except to have kids, drop her like hot coal. She will forever pull you back. She should do something, no matter how little.

Son, the devil leaves any man who marries a bad wife. I prefer you fight the devil with a good woman by your side.
I have talked too much.
Your sister is waiting…
Let me leave it at this.
Till we meet face to face.
I love you forever son,
Your mother


Created By Okoroafor Uju Christabell
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