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Fake news is the weapon of the wicked to defame and steal the reputation of the victim.

Fake news is fraud, shame, humbug and counterfeit information. An enemy can pervert the fact and make spurious and fraudulent allegations with the intent of damaging the reputation of the victim and making him a caricature before the public.

The ancient mode of fake news is the grapevine where gossip is spurn and dispensed. Rumor mongering is the ancient fake news.

Rumors are fake stories. “Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools and accepted by idiots”.

The advent of social media and rogue media has become a veritable tool in the hands of despicable characters who use it to impugn on the reputation of victims. Social media is awash with fake news today to kill, steal and destroy the image of victims.

Anybody and everybody is at risk for fake news because of haters. Haters are everywhere. Haters are despicable characters who are negative and destructive and eager to use information and disinformation disingenously.

Fake news is the deadliest weapon in the world world today. It’s more deadly than machetes and machine guns because it is capable of mass destruction.

Protection against fake news is not available but you can be discreet and don’t divulge information carelessly because your friend today can turn into a vicious enemy tomorrow.

Always say less than necessary. Guard your secrets with due diligence. Don’t trust anybody because your secrets can be twisted into scandal.

It takes wisdom to filter and sifter information as they come. Don’t swallow everything you hear hook, line and sinker. “Gossip dies when it hits a wise person’s ear”.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Small minds talk of people, average minds of events and great minds talk of ideas”.


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