Emotional Trauma Part One BY Grace Elechi


Most people understand the general concept of TRAUMA but don’t necessarily know the scope of it or the depths and impact it has on a person’s psyche in particular with emotional trauma.

Emotional trauma is a form of abuse that is often dismissed by friends, family and sometimes even healers, therapists and psychologists. It can even be disregarded by the victims themselves.

Emotional trauma is created when your emotional needs are neglected. It can be caused when your emotions are dismissed and your feelings completely disregarded and disqualified. Whatever you feel is basically treated as not important by those closest to you, not acknowledged, belittled, made to be shameful or wrong as well as said to be exaggerated.

Emotional abuse is something that can go on and on undetected and yet it has one of the most profound negative effects on the victim’s psyche for years after.

The aftermath of emotional abuse ripples out and can affect every area of the victim’s life; love and relationships, money, career and yes, physical health too.

It has the ability to literally destroy every ounce of self-esteem you have, leaving you feeling helpless, hopeless and worse feeling like there’s something wrong with you.

These deep wounds, that most people are not able to heal, that is also embedded in physical trauma, is always emotional hurt, pain and invalidation.

Beneath the beating is humiliation and powerlessness.

Under neglect is worthlessness and the pain of not being seen.

Buried in sexual abuse is shame.

Thrown into verbal insults is the wound of not being good enough.

Mix in some mind games of denial by the abuser and you become the paranoid crazy one!

And I’ll tell you if you manage to survive all that, you’re not just a survivor, you are a flipping ‘psyche’ warrior!

Emotional abuse can destroy you. In fact, it can make you want to destroy yourself. It can make you think it took everything you have…Everything you thought you had anyway, but it did not take your Soul.

So if you sense there is still something there but can’t put your finger on it, if something just feels off because there was nothing “physical” or severely traumatic in your adult eyes, consider emotional trauma and/or abuse. Perhaps it was subtle or covert. Or maybe it was as consistent or severe, nevertheless, trauma is trauma. So don’t dismiss it or it will control and direct your entire life.

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