Dear beautiful lady,

I think the major reason why there’s a spike in social vices today is as a result of the pressure the female folk places on their male counterparts.

I will tell two stories. One is from a movie titled “Liars and pretenders”. The second one is a true life story of a young couple. I hope we take lessons from these stories and change our ways.

In the movie, there are three childhood friends who’re lucky to be married to the love of their lives. You will agree with me that marriage is rare in this our generation. Well, the movie made it seem simple; the three husbands are thick, tall, well-built and handsome.

I’m not good at narrating movies but I am good at letting you see the lessons therein. That shouldn’t take time as I attempt to summarise key events in the movie. You might want to go see it yourself.

Two of the three wives feigned they had very rich, influential and well connected marriages. They would visit the other lady’s house and make a mockery of her for marrying a man that has no better job – one even said, “you mean you have been staying in this same mini flat for years?”

Let’s even tag the family with three family names; Titi’s family , Suzi’s family and Lizzy’s family C.

Good. Suzi and Lizzy ended up telling Titi stories about how well their husbands were doing, traveling the world and sealing deals. Their vacations and tours and charity are sung to high heavens.

Well, it wouldn’t have been a problem if that was the true representation of event. They made Titi feel very bad until she started misbehaving and acting untoward to her husband, a man who has sacrificed everything to make her happy. She was only reacting to the stories she heard from her friends and couldn’t withstand the mockery.

A became another version of her once tolerant and understanding self. She now gets angry easily, doesn’t appreciate gifts and stops cooking for her husband.

Interestingly, Suzi and Lizzy had a conversation. Lizzy knew her husband didn’t even have a job, and heard Suzi discussing a genuine job opening in her husband’s new company. Yet, Lizzy said she knew no one looking for a job because she didn’t want to be shamed and exposed, she was dying in silence.

Lizzy once lied that her husband is in Germany only for Suzi to visit her impromptu; Suzi ran inside the room and stopped her husband from going for a job interview telling the man that: you are in Germany please, stay in there for awhile dear, till my friend leaves. He lost the job eventually.

Suzi was also sleeping with other guys because her workaholic husband didn’t have her time.

To cut the story short, Suzi’s husband discovered she had been cheating and sent her packing. Lizzy’s husband went into shoe making after his job hunting for several years didn’t yield any results. C couldn’t withstand the shame and moved on leaving A in a helpless situation. A later discovered how B and C had been faking their lives to make her feel bad.

Thank God she hadn’t done much damage to her marriage. She knelt down and apologised to her husband and they lived happily ever after.

The moral is this: do not set unnecessary and artificial standards for your husband if you aren’t ready to walk that path with him, support his hard work and be a woman whom your husband can rely on.

A true life story of a young couple who values material things over love and commitment. In the cause of the relationship, she milked the young man’s treasures till he lost everything. And she told the guy she’s tired of the relationship and if their situation did not change anytime soon, she would have to move on.

What do you expect the man to do? He will run and run and run until he finds no motivation for pursuing legitimate means and would choose otherwise.

Some ladies are very wicked and lazy; they push some guys to the end of the cliff and when the storm comes, they will leave the guy even more frustrated.

One might argue, “why can’t the guy choose not to do illegal things?” Well the answer is based on the first story. We think about some issues sometimes and it kills us deeply, we hit a rock end and we would want to turn back to learn the way others are doing it, even if it’s in a wrong way.

See, we are faced with psychological threats from ladies every time. They set unrealistic standards they themselves fall short of largely because they think their beauty is a collateral for money and see relationship as a money-making opportunity. They see no good in a guy without money and they keep saying that there’s no love without money.

But we won’t all live at equal measures. Our lives cannot be equal as much as our fingers aren’t. A guy that is not meeting up to his financial obligations shouldn’t be considered lazy unless, from all indications, he isn’t making efforts in life.

Relationship is not and should not be defined by a guy’s bank account.



Created By Prince Ademola
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1 Comment

  1. ปั้มไลค์

    September 8, 2019 at 10:10 am

    Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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