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Majority of Nigerians has lamented over the collapse school building in Port Harcourt as many blamed the Government while others blamed the school management.

The big question still remains “Who do we hold blame to?

1. The Government, through the (Ministry of Works, Urban and Regional planning et.al.) for carelessly approving the erection of such a giant structure on this swamped environment.

2. The Contractor/Engineer of the site for failing to advice the Client (owner) on the need to use quality materials while erecting this structure.

3. The Owner of the building for allowing himself to be used by greed to negotiate for the erection of such a structure without using better materials and approach.

Recall, some years back similar incidence happened to a building just close to this said one. Annoyingly there is a more bigger building behind the collapsed one.

This leaves me with the question, what is the state of the building behind the collapsed one belonging to same person.

As usual poor rescue process is still on going, even after 24hours. Only God knows how long the process will take. Despite eye witness report has it that as the time the building collapsed students and persons were not in the premises.

The Government and all other emergency agencies responsible should please swing to action.


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Source: Kennedy Brownson
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