Christianity is not stupidity nor becoming a zombie – Pastor Ufuoma Bernard

Christianity is not stupidity. Christianity is not becoming a zombie. Jesus never wanted to raise slaves but free men and women. The ministry of Jesus was all about liberty and liberation from dogmatism and croynism. Two incidents involving family members informed this post and if I say I am miffed it’s stating the obvious.

Let me state unequivocally that Christianity have been corrupted by Churchianity.

Instead of following the mandate of Jesus Christ to set the captives free the churches have become cults and controlling.

The churches are messing with you when instead of focusing on ecclesiastical exigesis they trespass into your private affair and insist on micromanaging you.

Religion is hypnotic. Religion can also be ethereal. However, I don’t like the type of religion where you have to dump your brain. 90% of the churches in Nigeria are now terrorist organisations using fear to whip members in line.

The Jehovah’s witneses are destroying lives and I advise the government to investigate this church and if the allegations a family member shared with me are true the church should be banned in Nigeria and disbanded. The fundamentals of this church shows it’s antisocial and anti government. The church teaches that they are the only true church and that all other churches and religions are false and doomed. The church does not recognize the government and indoctrinates its members not to recite the national anthem or join the police and armed forces.

Jehovah’s witneses are forbidden from participating in elections and politics. But what is seriously agitating me is the policy of the church forbidding parents from sending their children and wards to the university and boarding houses. Members are indoctrinated to send their children into full time preaching without remuneration. A family member who’s 40 years old was recently disfellowshipped from the church and her father removed as an “Elder” because she married outside the church.

I was shocked, bewildered and furious when a brother attending the Catholic Church was sanctioned and the mother banned from participating in the Eucharist because he married an Anglican. The parish priest was just dishing out punishments like a dictator.

Religion is seriously overrated in Nigeria and I think the government should protect its citizens from the excesses of religious leaders who are by and large now cult personalities.

They wanted me to advise them on what to do and I told them to never go back to these churches.

Don’t leave your brains unutilized because of religion. Religion is evil when it becomes an instrument for control. Religion is being manipulated today in the country to control Nigerians. The religious leaders are the beneficiaries here, not the church members or the society. Judgement should begin in the church!



  1. ปั้มไลค์

    August 23, 2019 at 3:17 pm

    Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.

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