Broken Hearts: Painting Reality With Fiction

~ Maybe 2face was not joking when he sang “Amaka disappoint”. Indeed, Amaka my lover has broken my heart.


For months now, I have been courting Amaka. She was like the medicine to all my emotional pain and I taught I had found my missing rib.

On the 28th DEC, Amaka visited me. Though I was not expecting her because she was supposed to be in the village. I was surprised to see her.

Without hesitation, she gave me a card while she begged for my understanding. I opened the card (it was her traditional marriage card). Instantly, I became dumb. This is the woman I am planning to marry by 2019 but all the while, she have been deceiving me.

I will be foolish to mention the things I have done for her. Things I have not done for my mother (I was such a fool). Without remorse, she invited me to grace her traditional marriage which took place yesterday at (Mbaise). Immediately, she left.

I was left to myself as I cried profusely, and did everything to forget her. But to no avail. Then, I decided to attend the marriage with the intention of creating a scene. I borrowed some money from my friends (I need to create a good impression to the public).

I went for the best design in town because I wanted to look exceptional.

At 2pm yesterday, I arrived the location. I was lucky to be their earlier as the Mc just opened the ceremony. I sat down as I taught of how to destroy the marriage. Just when I concluded on what to do, a pastor who was called upon to give a short sermon melted my heart with his preaching. (It was just as if he was talking to me).

Immediately, I had a change of mind then I decided to take everything I spent for her by eating as much as I could.

I started from the (cooked egg to the garden egg, groundnuts, biscuits, rice, pounded yam and Ofe egusi, sachet water, bottled water, all all kinds of alcohol that was present there). People were just looking at how a guy would dress so fine and be disgracing himself (but I no send at all).

After everything, I managed to return home without spreading her shishi. That was my own way of paying her back. But till now, my stomach dey sufferam. Smiles.



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